July 21 -- 24, 2014

ERSA conferences, Special Issues, Awards, Keynotes

The international conference on Engineering of Reconfigurable Systems and Algorithms (ERSA) was founded in 2001 and, since then, has been held each year in Las Vegas.

ERSA conference solicits papers from all aspects of reconfigurable computing, including classical programmable logic, as well as configurable multiprogramming related papers. The topics of interests include theory, architecture, algorithms, design systems and applications that demonstrate the benefits of reconfigurable computing.

ERSA also publishes special issues in different International Journals on the area of reconfigurable computing.

A selected number of top papers from ERSA conference are invited by the guest editor for review. Authors of these papers are asked to extend their work for a journal publication, which is then subjected to rigorous review process. Besides submissions from ERSA conference any other high quality submissions that fits the topics of the special issues are welcome.

ERSA Awards: In recent past ERSA and WORLDCOMP Congress have awarded must significant researchers in our area. The recipients present a keynote talk to the wide audience of about 1500 hundred participants of the WORLDCOMP Congress.

ERSA conference offers two types of Keynote Talks. Most acknowledgeable presenters deliver their talks to a broad audience of WORLDCOMP Congress. These are plenary type talks that summarise the research on a wide area of the author's expertise. These talks do not require specific knowledge from specific technical area and are understandable for a wide audience.

Another type of keynote talks is more technical and presented for the attendees of ERSA conference. These talks are more specific and require specific knowledge in a specific area to understand the presentation.


Reconfigurable Las Vegas

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Dr Toomas P Plaks

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