Effective Pay per Call Marketing and Advertising – How it Works

If you are new to Pay per Call Marketing, it’s a call tracking adverting method that’s currently gaining traction. Just like the typical performance networks track impressions and clicks, pay per call campaigns track calls. With every marketing campaign you need a proper pay per call network of course!

Summarily, pay-per-call advertisers setup campaigns which are designed to send their prospective customers to reach out over the phone. The publisher on the other hand ‘pushes’ these call-based campaigns set up by the advertiser and receives credits for referred customers who put a call through to the advertiser.

For effective pay per call marketing and advertising, you should be using a trusted pay-per-call network that would help you track call quality as well as every available data of your call. This way you stay updated on your campaigns and can easily optimize your traffic for the best results. While there are several pay-per-call networks to choose from, Callbox strives to ensure that publishers and advertisers work together on it’s pay per call affiliate network without hassles.