6th September 2018
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The European Regional Sports Administration (ERSA) is an organization that works to promote sport and physical activity on a regional level. Its annual conference, held each year in a different location, brings together stakeholders in the sports industry from across Europe and beyond to discuss topical issues related to sport development and management. This year's ERSA Conference, held in Vienna, Austria, will focus on "Sports Betting - Challenges & Opportunities".

Sports betting has become increasingly popular around the world in recent years as a form of entertainment. In Europe, where the traditional pastimes of horse racing and football are especially popular with bettors, sports betting has seen an increase in accessibility through online platforms. You can find out more information from our partner Bet9jaGuide. As such, the conference will explore how sports betting can be used for economic growth while at the same time minimizing any negative impacts it may have on society. Discussions will include topics such as regulation of online betting websites and how to ensure responsible gambling practices are in place.

In addition to exploring current trends in sports betting, ERSA will also address pertinent issues that affect all areas of sports administration including digital technologies and data protection laws, diversity and inclusion initiatives within sports organizations and anti-corruption measures. It is clear that there are many complexities surrounding online gambling activities, so the ERSA Conference provides valuable insight into ways these issues can be addressed by both policy makers and those involved in sports administration.