Submission of Session Proposals and Papers

Proposals for Specialized Research Sessions

A number of Specialized Research Sessions will be arranged during the ERSA conference. The aim of Specialized Research Sessions is to concentrate on the specific topics of a general interest.

The deadline for proposals is January 15, 2011.

ERSA EC (Executive Committee) considers the proposals, and if the proposal is approved, the session chairs can call invited speakers and advertise the open submission of regular papers.


Each session has a Chair (usually a senior academician or a senior industrial manager) and a Co-Chair (usually a post-doc, assistant professor or design engineer from industry).

Session chairs are responsible for invited papers, i.e. for inviting and soliciting top-level professors and industrial leaders to present their work and achievements on the specific area. Session chairs prepare a general intro and topics of interests that they will distribute among colleagues and, which is published on the ERSA website.

Invited Papers

Invited Papers must summarise a research in some topic area where the presenter has achieved outstanding results recognized worldwide by the research community. Invited Papers are not research papers, are not transferable to some other person in the research group of invited person or somebody else and, in a normal case, must be written and presented by the invited author solely. In some cases, ERSA accepts up to two co-authors; SC should approve this. If the presenter cannot participate for some reason, the talk is usually cancelled. In general, it is not accepted that somebody else will present the talk. (Note, the reason to invite somebody, is to have a talk given by this particular outstanding researcher). In some case we can accept replacement, in this case, Chairs should contact with SC.

Each invited paper is a full IEEE two-column paper up to 14 pages; normally, it is 10 pages. In some circumstances (top-level professors and CEOs), we accept invited presentations without paper, but we request at least one page extended abstract for each presentation. Conference SC should approve this case.


It is expected that the Specialized Research Sessions will have around six papers proposed by Chairs. (In some cases, the ERSA EC may make an exception and accept a Specialized Research Sessions with a smaller number of papers.) This is the responsibility of the Specialized Research Sessions chairs to have a sufficient number of submissions and accepted papers. ERSA PC (Program Committee) will review the Specialized Research Sessions papers together with Session chairs and is responsible for the quality of session. The ERSA conference reserves the right to restructure the Specialized Research Sessions. Papers of Specialized Research Sessions may be of all categories: invited/distinguished papers, regular papers, short papers. and posters. The session chairs will participate in the final selection of papers. All accepted papers will be published in ERSA Proceedings.

Specialized Research Sessions proposal

Proposals must include a list of six papers / presentations with tentative titles, list of authors, and one page abstracts. The list should indicate the Invited talks, with the short Bio of all invited authors. On that basis, the SC makes his decision to accept or reject the session. Once SC has accepted the session and presentations, no changes in the list of authors of invited papers are allowed.

  • Brief description of the session
    1. Title of the Specialized Research Sessions
    2. An introduction, a list of topics/scope of the technical session, the novelty, and the importance to the ERSA audience.
    3. A short biography of the Specialized Research Sessions organizers.
  • List of contributors
    1. It is expected that session organizers take a contact with potential contributors in advance to submitting the proposal.
    2. A list of possible contributors, including titles, authors, contact information of the corresponding authors, and a short abstract of each contribution.
    3. A list of Invited Talks and Authors, including tentative titles, short abstracts, and Bios with contact information
    4. Technical session should not include more than one overview paper.
    5. Organisers should not contribute more than one paper.
    6. Once the technical session is accepted, it will be listed on the ERSA website and the submission is open for everybody.

Proposals for Research Project Sessions


Proposals for All Other Sessions

Prospective authors are invited to submit an electronic copy of a full research paper that must be original, unpublished work, not currently submitted for publication or for consideration elsewhere.

ERSA Conference does not accept submissions of overview papers.

BLIND REVIEW: In general, ERSA conference does not require blind review process, but accepts that authors may prefer blind review. In this case, authors should not include any information which could reveal their identity.

PEER REVIEW & ACCEPTING PAPERS: All papers will be refereed by three, four experts in the topic area. Papers will be selected based on their originality, contributions, relevance, technical clarity, and presentation. All accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of conference by CSREA Press in Hardcopy. Authors of accepted papers must guarantee that their papers will be registered and presented at the

Types of Papers and Presentations

ERSA conference has the following types of papers and presentations

Invited talks and distinguished papers
10 pages in IEEE paper format. Oral presentation time is 30 min.

Regular papers
7 pages in IEEE paper format. Oral presentation time is 20 min.
This may be replaced by mixed poster and oral presentation of around 7 min.

Short papers
4 pages in IEEE paper format. Only poster presentation

There will be a poster session (for ongoing not finished work, etc.) with simplified review process. Authors of posters have to submit an extended abstract of no more than 4 pages. Submission is open up to the conference beginning. Only poster presentation.

Preparing of Papers

Authors must submit full papers, not draft papers

Papers must be prepared as a PDF document

Each submission must include a cover letter containing all necessary information: the title of paper, authors with their affiliations and the contacting author's name, full postal address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers.

In cover letter, authors must speciafy:

  • The Type of Paper submission: Distinguished, Regular, Short or Poster Presentation
    Please visit section "Types of Papers and Presentations"
  • 3 to 6 keywords

The length of paper should fit the type of submission.


In the case of Blind Review, authors should not include any information which could reveal their identity. The title section of manuscript should not contain author names, email addresses, and affiliations. The text of paper should not include direct references to authors' previous work.

Certainly, the cover letter MUST contain all authors' details.

Submission of Papers for Review

Before you submit your paper, please check carefully all subsections of "Submission of Papers"

It is the responsibility of authors to check that the submission is correct and complete

Failing to do so may result in failing to register your paper

Your submission is complete when you have received yours paper ID: ERS####.



Please name your files using the name of the first author as following:

paper:     John S. Smith and Peter Cook. `FPGAs are the best.'
name of paper:     smithjs.pdf
cover letter:     smithjs_c.txt    

Please note that papers MUST be in PDF format and cover letters in plain ASCII.

The e-mail must include as a plain ASCII text the following information: the title of paper, including the filenames, list of authors indicating also the contacting author's e-mail address.

If you have any questions or problems about these instructions, please do not hesitate to contact the conference

Camera-Ready Papers

ERSA Proceedings are published under WORLDCOMP Congress and you have to follow the guidelines given on WORLDCOMP Homepage.

Here we give the references to all necessary information.

Author Instructions

Please visit Author Instructions for all necessary information, including:

  • Guidelines for Formating and Typesetting Camera-Ready Papers
  • Conference Registration
  • Hotel Reservation
  • etc.

Please note that ERSA has different paper categories than WORLDCOMP. The paper categories for ERSA conference are:

  • Keynotes, invited talks and distinguished papers (submit as RRP)
  • Regular papers (submit as RRP)
  • Short papers (submit as SRP)
  • Posters (submit as PSP)

Please visit section "Types of Papers and Presentations" on this page.

Submission Camera-Ready Papers

Note, before submission of camera-ready copy, you must have received the formal acceptance letter. Otherwise, the paper goes nowhere.

Please visit Submission of Final Camera-Ready Papers for Publication in the Conference Proceedings.

US Visas

Please visit online Request for Invitation Letters for US Visa Purposes for authors.


Dr Toomas P Plaks

Conference Chair
Dr Toomas P Plaks

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Important Dates

Proposals for sessions:
  • Specialised Research Sessions
    Jan. 15, 2011
  • Research Project Sessions
    March 1, 2011
Regular Papers:
  • Submission is open until
    April 15, 2011
  • Notification
    May 4, 2011
  • Final Papers
    May 18, 2011

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