Prof. Andy Tyrrell
Reconfigurable and Evolvable Architectures and their role in Designing Computational Systems,
Prof. Andy Tyrrell,
Department of Electronics, The University of York, UK
Time: 03:20pm - 03:50pm
Location: Gold Room


Biological inspiration in the design of computing machines finds its source in essentially three biological models: phylogenesis, the history of the evolution of the species, ontogenesis, the development of an individual as directed by his genetic code, and epigenesis, the development of an individual through learning processes influenced both by their genetic code and by the environment. These three models share a common basis: a one-dimensional description of the organism, the genome. If one would like to implement some or all of these ideas in hardware can we use COTS or do we need specifically designed-for-purpose devices? This talk will consider some historical work on bio-inspired architectures before moving on to consider a new device designed and built specifically for bio-inspired work. It will consider some of the novel features present in this device, such as self-configuration and dynamic routing, which assist the implementation of ontogenetic capabilities such as development, self-repair and self-replication.


Andy Tyrrell received a 1st class honours degree in 1982 and a PhD in 1985, both in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He joined the Electronics Department at York University in April 1990, he was promoted to the Chair of Digital Electronics in 1998. Between August 1987 and August 1988 he was visiting research fellow at Ecole Polytechnic Lausanne Switzerland. His main research interests are in the design of biologically-inspired architectures, artificial immune systems, evolvable hardware, and FPGA system design,. In particular, over the last 7 years his research group at York have concentrated on bio-inspired systems. This work has included the creation of embryonic processing array, intrinsic evolvable hardware systems and the immunotronics hardware architecture. He is Head of the Intelligent Systems research group at York. He has published over 250 papers in these areas. He is a Senior member of the IEEE, and a Fellow of the IET.



Prof. David Lorge Parnas, "How Engineering Mathematics can Improve Software"


Professor David Lorge Parnas
How Engineering Mathematics can Improve Software,
Prof. David Lorge Parnas,
Middle Road Software, Inc, Canada
Time: 08:50 - 09:45am
Location: Lance Burton Theater
Prof. David Lorge Parnas, Ph.D., P.Eng. (Ontario)
Dr.h.c.: ETH Zürich, Louvain, Lugano
Professor Emeritus, CAS, Engineering, McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Professor Emeritus, CSIS, University of Limerick
Limerick, Ireland

Prof. Eugene Howard Spafford, "The Nature of Cyber Security"


Prof. Eugene Howard Spafford
The Nature of Cyber Security,
Prof. Eugene Howard Spafford,
Purdue University, USA
Leading computer security expert
Time: 09:50 - 10:45am
Location: Lance Burton Theater


Prof. Jürgen Teich, "Verifying the Authorship of Embedded IP Cores:..."

Prof. Jürgen Teich
Verifying the Authorship of Embedded IP Cores: Watermarking and Core Identification Techniques,
Prof. Jürgen Teich and Dr. Daniel Ziener,
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
Time: 10:40am - 11:10am
Location: Gold Room

Prof. Shiu-Kai Chin, "Logic Design for Access Control,..."

Prof. Shiu-Kai Chin
Logic Design for Access Control, Security, Trust, and Assurance,
Prof. Shiu-Kai Chin,
Syracuse University, USA
Senior Scientist, Serco-NA, Inc.
Time: 11:20am - 11:50am
Location: Gold Room

Prof. Cynthia Irvine, "Grounding Trust"

Prof. Cynthia Irvine
Grounding Trust
Prof. Cynthia Irvine,
Naval Postgraduate School, USA
Time: 11:50am - 12:20pm
Location: Gold Room

Prof. Dominique Lavenier, "Next Generation Sequencing ..."

Prof. Dominique Lavenier
Next Generation Sequencing Data Processing
How reconfigurable computing can help?,
Prof. Dominique Lavenier,
IRISA, Rennes, France
Time: 02:30pm - 03:00pm
Location: Gold Room

Prof. Andy Tyrrell, "Reconfigurable and Evolvable Architectures ..."

Prof. Andy Tyrrell
Reconfigurable and Evolvable Architectures and their role in Designing Computational Systems,
Prof. Andy Tyrrell,
Department of Electronics, The University of York, UK
Time: 03:20pm - 03:50pm
Location: Gold Room

Prof. João M. P. Cardoso, "A New Approach to Control and Guide ..."

Prof. João M.P. Cardoso,
A New Approach to Control and Guide the Mapping of Computations to FPGAs,
Prof. João M.P. Cardoso, et al.,
University of Porto, Portugal
Time: 09:10am - 09:40am
Location: Gold Room

Prof. Jörg Henkel, "iCore: A Run-time Adaptive Processor for ..."

Prof. Jörg Henkel
iCore: A Run-time Adaptive Processor for Embedded Multi-core Systems,
Prof. Jörg Henkel, Lars Bauer and Artjom Grudnitsky,
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Time: 09:50am - 10:20am
Location: Gold Room