Dr. Eric Stahlberg
Heterogeneous Accelerated Bioinformatics — Perspectives for Impacting Cancer Research and Treatment,
Dr. Eric A. Stahlberg,
US National Cancer Institute, USA

Time: 04:10 - 04:30pm
Location: Gold Room


The presentation will provide insight into the areas where reconfigurable and fpga-based computing can contribute to accelerating bioinformatics applications for cancer research and treatment in the context of heterogeneous computing environments as are being discussed for exascale and extremescale systems. Experiences with application development using existing heterogeneous environments will be discussed and contrasted. Challenges and opportunities for reconfigurable computing to impact rapidly effective use of emerging experimental techniques such as next generation sequencing will also be presented.


Eric Stahlberg is the director for the bioinformatics core at the US National Cancer Institute.

Eric Stahlberg was recently a visiting computational scientist employed by Wittenberg University where he directs the institution’s efforts in computational science while also serving as president of OpenFPGA Inc. a non-profit organization helping standards develop for easier application development for FPGAs. He has twenty years of experience in high-performance computing and applications in academia and industry, frequently involving the development and use of standards for easier portability and maintainability of high-performance software applications. An innovator, Dr. Stahlberg has helped bring forward many initiatives in software validation, bioinformatics, health information and computational chemistry. His latest efforts concentrate on helping adapt computer science curricula to broadly embrace parallel and accelerated computing at all levels.