Prof. Koen Bertels
Advanced Profiling of Applications for Heterogeneous Multi Core Platforms,
Prof. Koen Bertels, Arash Ostadzadeh, Roel Meeuws
Delft University, The Netherlands

Time: 10:40 - 11:00am
Location: Gold Room


The increased complexity of programming on multi-processors platforms requires more insight into program behavior for which programmers need increasingly sophisticated methods for profiling, instrumentation, measurement, analysis, and modeling of applications. Particularly, tools to thoroughly investigate the memory access behavior of applications become crucial due to the widening gap between the memory bandwidth/latency compared to the processing performance. To address these challenges, we developed a profiling framework in the context of the DWB, which is a semi automatic tool platform for integrated hardware/software co-design, targeting heterogeneous computing systems containing reconfigurable components. The profiling framework consists of two parts, a static part which extracts information related to memory accesses during the execution of an application. We present an advanced memory access profiling toolset that provides a detailed overview of the runtime behavior of the memory access pattern of an application. This information can be used for partitioning and mapping purposes. The second part involves a statistical model that allows to make predictions early in the design phase regarding memory and hardware usage based on software metrics. We examine in detail real applications from the multimedia domain to validate and specify all the potentials of the profiling framework in the DWB.


Koen Bertels is an associate professor in the Computer Engineering group where he heads the Delft Workbench Project that aims to develop an entire tool chain offering semi-automated support to developers for developing new or porting existing applications to heterogeneous multi-core systems. The Delft Workbench assumes the Molen machine organisation. The Delft Workbench team comprises 12 PhD students, one post doc and several Msc. students. He has participated in several Dutch or EU projects such as Morpheus and was scientific coordinator of the hArtes project, which also lead to the creation of a spin off company BlueBee. Arash Ostadzadeh and Roel Meeuws are PhD students in the Computer Engineering Lab, working under the supervision of Koen Bertels.