ERSA’10 Conference Keynotes

Jon Huppenthal
Looking Ahead at Heterogeneous Systems: A Suppliers Perspective.

Jon Huppenthal

President and Chief Executive Officer, SRC Computers, LLC
Co-Founder (with Late Seymour Cray)


In light of current processor chip architectures driving towards many-core and graphics, is there still a viable place for FPGA based computation? How much of the current information is hype and how much is doom for reconfigurable processing? Customers have concerns surrounding adoption of computer systems containing FPGAs related to difficulty of use, programmability, supplier longevity and price. At the same time traditional compute solutions raise customer’s concerns over multi-language support, product life cycles, power consumption and real system level performance.

This paper will present a system providers perspective on these topics as well as what the net outcome is moving forward and what technology should be offered.

Looking Ahead at Heterogeneous Systems: A Suppliers Perspective Jon M. Huppenthal President and CEO SRC Computers, LLC Colorado Springs, Colorado

In 1996 Mr. Huppenthal, along with Seymour Cray, co-founded SRC Computers where Jon was the Chief Hardware Technologist and Vice President of Hardware Development. In that role he set the strategic direction and led the hardware design and integration efforts for the Company. In January 2004 Jon was appointed President and CEO of SRC. Prior to SRC, Jon spent seven years with Cray Research and Cray Computer as Chief Engineer and Manager of Electrical Design. In addition, he has held similar positions with Apple, TRW and Northrop. Jon has a BSEE from Purdue University and his patent portfolio contains 26 patents including the invention of SRC's reconfigurable MAP® processor.

Dr Toomas P Plaks

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Dr Toomas P Plaks

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