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Future Directions in Reconfigurable Computing

Dr. Rahul Razdan

Speaker: Dr. Rahul Razdan CEO of Raztech LLC, USA


Reconfigurable computing has been an active field of research for over 15 years. During this time, the field has focused on the use of hardware flexibility as a mechanism to achieve the end goals of performance and power optimization. Over this time, there have been some successes, but making a sustainable impact has been elusive. This keynote will discuss a class of problems known as Long Life Cycle products (LLC) where flexibility in its own right is a first tier value along with cost, performance and power. In this product segment, future requirements volatility, enhanced reliability, and supply chain integrity are very significant concerns, and the talk will discuss the potential application of reconfigurable computing techniques to address these issues. Finally, it should be noted that LLC products are likely to become a very significant part of the worldwide economy with the increased investments worldwide in areas such as medical devices, smart grid technologies, and smart homes.


System Centering Solutions


Dr. Rahul Razdan is CEO of Raztech LLC, a company which invests in a number of early stage companies in the area of medical devices and electronics rich infrastructure. Before Raztech, Dr. Razdan was a senior executive at Cadence Design System in a variety of roles ranging from R&D management to corporate development. In this capacity, he interacted intimately with the broad electronics design community ranging from startups to global giants such as IBM. Before Cadence, Dr. Razdan was at Digital Semiconductor, a division of Digital Equipment corporation, where he was the CPU architect on several ALPHA microprocessors. Dr. Razdan received his PhD from Harvard University in some of the early pioneering work in the area of reconfigurable computing, and MS/BS from Carnegie-Mellon University in the area of Semi-Conductor virtual modeling.

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