Proposals for Technical Sessions

A number of technical sessions will be arranged during the ERSA conference. The aim of technical sessions is to concentrate on the specific topics of a general interest.

The proposals for technical sessions may be submitted at any time before the general submission deadline for conference papers. ERSA EC (Executive Committee) considers the proposals in the order they have been made. It is expected that the technical session will have at least 6 accepted papers (In some cases the ERSA EC may make an exception and accept a technical session with a smaller number of papers.) This is the responsibility of the technical session organizers to have a sufficient number of submissions and accepted papers. ERSA PC (Program Committee) will review the technical session papers and is responsible for the quality of technical session. The ERSA conference reserves the right to restructure the technical sessions. Papers of technical sessions may be of all categories. Technical session organizers will participate in the final selection of papers for the technical session. All papers of technical sessions will be published in ERSA Proceedings.

Technical session proposal should include:


Conference Chair
Dr Toomas P Plaks

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