Conference Programme

Proposed Technical Sessions

  1. Reconfigurable Computing for Space Based Applications
    Chairman: Dr. Aravind R Dasu, Utah State University, USA
    Abstract: Embedded stand-alone microprocessors have long been the workhorse of space-based computers. But the demands to explore deeper into space ... Read more ...
  2. Reconfigurable System Design Tools
    Chairman: Dr. Khaled Benkrid, University of Edinburgh, UK
    Abstract: Reconfigurable system design tools play a crucial role in the success of any electronic system product as they have a direct impact on designer productivity, implementation ... Read more ...
  3. Multi-Context Devices and Applications
    Chairman: Dr. Minoru Watanabe, Shizuoka University, Japan
    Abstract: Up to now, demand for multi-context devices has continued to increase since these devices have a possibility to accelerate ... Read more ...
  4. Reconfigurable Hardware for Speeding up Java Programs
    Chairman: Dr. Darrin M. Hanna, Oakland University, USA
    Abstract: Many techniques have been employed for optimizing the Java Virtual Machine to execute Java bytecodes faster than traditional ... Read more ...
  5. Next Generation Research Challenges in Reconfigurable Computing
    Chairman: Prof. David Andrews, University of Kansas, USA
    Abstract: Gerald Estrin started the field of reconfigurable computing in 1961 when he created the fixed plus variable computer. After Estrins pioneering work, ... Read more ...
  6. Partial Reconfiguration
    Chairman: TBA,
    Abstract: Coming soon ... Read more ...
  7. Image/Video Coding Acceleration with Reprogrammable Logic Devices
    Chairman: Dr. Jooheung Lee, University of Central Florida, USA
    Abstract: Many applications implemented in ASICs are increasingly choosing FPGA solutions due to factors such as reduced cost, improved ease of design changes, ... Read more ...
  8. TBA
    Chairman: ,
    Abstract: ... Read more ...
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