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General Keynote: July 14, 2008

ElementCXI ElementCXI, USA

ElementCXI is the finalist in EE Times 2008 ACE awards as "Most Promising Technology"
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Dimensions in Reconfigurable Computing:
A New Wave In Electronic System Designs

Chris Phillips

Speaker: Chris Phillips, VP of Engineering, ElementCXI, Milpitas, CA, USA


When will Reconfigurable Computing reach its promise of ubiquitous transparent computing in everyday electronic system designs? What is the nature and form of these systems in near term deployment and in long term requirements? More importantly - what does reconfigurable computing mean to the system developer, engineer and researcher and, what does it mean in terms of development needs? While this may seem straight-forward to someone experienced in this field; recent announcements in grid computing, multi-core processing, and FPGAs appear to serve to many of the key tenets of Reconfigurable Computing with massive computing throughput, low power operation, and dynamic operation contexts. But, do they? The real question seems to be, "what does it take to produce compelling use models for widespread adoption"? And, where is the applied area with the most compelling applications.

The author will share his experiences in the quest for Reconfigurable Computing and drivers for usage in real world application domains with insight into issues such as "how much does it truly cost, how much real performance in an actual application, how much power is consumed, and last but not least - what effort is required to program and debug these systems".

Finally, a dramatically new approach to real-time dynamic Reconfigurable Computing will be presented based on a new "blank paper" approach built on the lessons learned from past experience and leading system manufactures requests for stringent reliability low power and cost requirements. In particular, the dynamics of market adoption and market fit will be illustrated in light of current technology offerings today and the nature of new applications tomorrow.


Chris Phillips is VP of Engineering at ElementCXI where he is working on dynamic reconfigurable computing systems. His interests are in high performance computing, parallel processing, silicon architectures, and design tools. He holds over 25 patents in the design of microprocessors, FPGAs, reconfigurable computing systems and CAD EDA tools and has approximately 20 published papers in this field. Mr Phillips received Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York; McMullen Scholar and has 25+ years in systems applications, micro-architectures, logic design, silicon level circuit design, algorithm invention, high level/assembly language programming, and in writing code scripts.

Previously, Chris Phillips co-founded Tiger Semiconductor, Leopard Logic and Chameleon Systems and held engineering and management positions at National Semiconductor Corporation (clean room 486; COP444C - everyone in the US has at least 3 of these microcontrollers in their home), Summit Design (Director of High Level Synthesis), DaSys (pioneered behavioral synthesis) and Crosspoint Solutions (Director of Advanced Architectures). Chris has brought to market more than 20 fully-functional-at-first-silicon devices.

ElementCXI, USA

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