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What you have to do to submit your paper


Prepare your paper and submit for review

You have to prepare your paper according the type of the paper you intend to submit. We have two types of papers. Full size technical papers, 10 pages of IEEE double column transaction format.You can buy extra pages if required. Note, you have to pay the fee when the paper is accepted. The other type is short technical notes, up to five pages. For more details about full technical papers and short papers, please visit: ADN Introduction. For more about advertising, please visit: Fees & Chargers

Currently, you have to email your paper as an attachment in PDF format to You have to specify in the subject line that this is a submission for Application Developers' Journal, and the name of corresponding author:

Application Developers' Journal, [first name, family name]

In the body, please include the title of the paper and names of authors.

The first page of each paper (full papers and short papers) should include title of the paper, name, affiliation, and email address for each author. The first pages should also include a 100 to 150-word abstract, as well as keywords.

All reasonable typesetting formats are acceptable. later, the authors of accepted papers will be asked to follow a particular typesetting format to prepare their final papers for publication. Papers must not have been previously published or currently submitted for publication elsewhere.

In case of advertisements, you have to send the Logo or Banner as a separate file, text as a PDF file.

Cover Letter

Each submission must include a cover letter as a separate file and containing the following information:

  • the title of paper
  • authors with their affiliations
  • contacting author's name, full postal address, e-mail address, telephone number
  • type of paper: full paper, short paper
  • 3 to 6 topical keywords that would best represent the content of the paper

Please note, visit this page before you submit, as we will add more info about submission and formatting. Currently, this is very preliminary and basic info for authors.


Wait for decision

Decision of acceptance for full size technical paper takes around four weeks. Decision about short papers will be made during one seven to ten days.


Submit final version for publishing

Prepare your paper according to formatting guidelines

Use ADN Word Template for preparation of final Camera-ready Papers.

Make your payment

Submit your paper for publishing

More details will be available soon.

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