Special Sections

Application Developers’ Journal calls technical communities for organizing Special Sections.

Proposals for Special Sections

Interested parties should submit the proposal by email as an attachment in PDF format to sub@ersaconf.org.

You have to specify in the subject line that this is a submission of Special Section proposal for Application Developers’ Journal, and the name of corresponding co-editor:

ADN Journal, Special Section proposal, [first name, family name]

In the body, please include the title of Special Section and names of co-editors.

Submission of a Proposal

  • Proposals must include a short description of the Section and a proposed list of contributions. Each Special Section may have up to three co-editors. The number of contributions is not limited. In a typical case, a Special Section includes at least 8-10 papers.
  • Once the Special Section is accepted, the co-editors are called to write an invited paper (one paper per all co-editors). In addition, they may call authors to submit invited papers, up to 30% from the total number of accepted papers.
  • Accepted Special Section will be listed on the Application Developers’ Journal website and the submission is open for everybody.
  • Submission of Invited Papers is Free.

Short description of the Special Section

  • A tentative title of the Special Section
  • A list of up to three Special Section Co-editors
  • An introduction of the Special Section (half page), which states the novelty, and the importance to the Application Developers’ News audience, and a list of topics
  • Five keywordfs that describe the Special Section in a best way
  • A short biography of all Special Section Co-editors

List of contributions & contributors

  • It is expected that Special Section Co-editors take a contact with potential contributors in advance to submitting the proposal.
  • A list of possible contributors should include titles, authors, contact information of the corresponding authors, and a short abstract of each contribution. Four to five proposed contributions is enough in general case.
  • A list of possible Invited Papers and Authors should include tentative titles, short abstracts, and Bios of all authors with contact information. You may present a list of Invited Authors when the proposal has been accepted.
  • Strong overview papers are most welcome.

Submit the Proposal

  • Prepare your proposal in PDF format
  • Click the Submission button below and attach the proposal
  • Correct the subject line: replace first name and family name by the contact author's name
    ADN Journal, Special Section proposal, [first name, family name]
  • In the email body, please include the title of Special Section, names of co-editors, and keywords

Possible topics

Possible topics of interests include but are not limited to:

  • Heterogeneous Systems Architecture: Multicore, CPU plus FPGA,...
  • High Level Design Tools for Heterogeneous Systems: OpenCL, SystemC, ImpulseC, Space Codesign, Cuda, ...
  • Embedded Systems: Models of Embedded Reconfigurable Systems, Adaptable and Distributed Embedded Systems
  • Reconfigurable Hardware for Defence, Military and Space Applications, Mobile Computing Systems
  • Reconfigurable Hardware Support for Internet and Hardware Security
  • High-Performance Systems and Ultra-efficient Exascale Computing
  • Bio-Inspired Architectures
  • Monte Carlo Methods in Technical and Financial Systems
  • Reconfigurable and Multicore Computing in Finance and Banking

If you are interested to organize a Special Issue, please contact with the chair, Toomas P Plaks, for further details.

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