Scope of ADN

The Scope of Application Developers News

The information age continues to surprise and challenge us all in the fast pace of evolving technology. As opportunities for heterogeneous reconfigurable technology continues to evolve, opportunities for low-power hybrid mobile computing, or challenges for ultra-efficient exascale computing, the need is now more than ever for a journal that bridges both leading-edge thinking with practical application.

Whether it be in health information, mobile devices, sensor grids, business analytics, cyber-security or scientific research, the new applications of computing technology continue to amaze with the possibilities.

Application Developersí News focus on challenges, tools, available technologies and opportunities when it comes to developing and supporting applications, both academic and commercial, that involve reconfigurable computing technologies across mobile, embedded, and HPC domains.

The scope cover broad area, from simple applications on programmable logic to complex, intelligent, high-performance, embedded systems implemented as multicore systems and heterogeneous parallel processing systems. All these complex systems involve reconfigurability on software and/or hardware level.

Editorial Message

Read the Editorial Message for developers of heterogeneous, reconfigurable computing systems.

Topics of interests include but are not limited to:

Developing Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Computing Systems for mobile, high-performance, low-power, and embedded applications, for Internet of Things and Wearables.

Design Systems & Methods

  • Heterogeneous Systems Architecture: Multicore, CPU, DSP, FPGA, …
  • High Level Design Tools for Heterogeneous Systems: OpenCL, Cuda, ImpulseC, Space Codesign, SystemC, ...
  • Design Systems, Tools and Models for Complex Applications, in Cloud Computing, Networking, Security, Internet of Things and in other Application Areas
  • Embedded Systems: Models of Embedded Reconfigurable and Heterogeneous Systems, Adaptable and Distributed Embedded Systems, High-Performance Embedded Systems
  • And more

Applications Areas

  • Mobile Computing, Networking and Communication Systems
  • Hardware Accelerators and Software Support for Big Data, Internet Security, and Cryptography
  • Cloud Computing, Networking, Security, Internet of Things, Wearables
  • Communication Systems in Government, Military, Space and Consumer Applications
  • Defence, Military and Space Applications,
  • High-Performance Systems in Oil and Gas Industry
  • High-Performance Heterogeneous Systems in Scientific Research
  • Digital Media and Digital Signal Processing, Automotive Industry and Autotainment
  • Monte Carlo Methods in Technical and Financial Systems
  • Reconfigurable and Multicore Computing in Finance and Banking
  • High-Performance Systems and Ultra-efficient Exascale Computing
  • High-Performance and Low-power Systems
  • High-Performance systems in Bio-sciences, Medical systems and Bio-Inspired Architectures
  • Applications and High-Performance Comptuting in Finance and Banking Sector
  • And more

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London, United Kingdom

ADN Editor in Chief
Dr Toomas P Plaks

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