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Startup mCube Jumps on Tiny Sensor Opportunity
Don Clark
WSJ, June 25, 2014

mCube says it has shipped more than 60 million extremely small semiconductor chips-comparable to a grain of sand, not the fingernail-sized variety that the likes of Intel and its competitors sell.

The company makes motion-sensor chips, also known as accelerometers, which are used in just about every smartphone these days. The devices help detect speed and movement by the physical motion of tiny components on the chips, a category of product known by the acronym MEMS, for micro-electro-mechanical systems.

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Debate: How Many Open Source Platforms Are Enough?
George Leopold
EnterpriseTech, June 23, 2014

Representatives of competing open source cloud controllers debated the merits of each and whether multiple open cloud platforms are even needed.

The platform debate often comes down to which application-programming interface (API) is supported along with overall platform stability and ease of use.

One executive speaking during the recent Gigaom Structure conference called the issue of multiple open platforms a false question. “Nobody asks Microsoft or VMware, ‘Are there too many proprietary cloud solutions out there?’” argued Sameer Dholakia, general manager at Citrix Systems representing the CloudStack platform. “This is the first time in the cloud era -- in the history of software -- where open source is leading. There’s not going to be one [open source platform], there will be multiple.”

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Altera and Lime Microsystems Team Up to Accelerate and Simplify the Development of Wireless Networks
Altera Press Releases
Altera, June 19, 2014

Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR) and Lime Microsystems, a leading provider of field programmable RF (radio frequency) transceivers headquartered in the UK, have entered into a Strategic Cooperation Agreement focused on jointly developing and promoting programmable solutions for a diverse range of broadband wireless markets. The agreement will result in the development of optimized field programmable radio frequency (FPRF) transceivers, digital RF and baseband solutions that will enable system designers to reduce their overall costs, lower power, shorten time-to-market, and customize designs for key wireless infrastructure, enterprise, military, industrial, test and medical applications. As part of the agreement, Altera has also made an equity investment in Lime Microsystems.

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Programmable RF Meets Programmable Logic
Paul Dillien
EE Times, June 19, 2014

Altera has announced that it is making an equity investment in Lime Microsystems -- the creator of the Field Programmable RF (FPRF) chips that are popping up all over the place. So, how might this impact the design community?

From a hardware perspective, there are already boards available that combine an Altera FPGA and the original Lime device, such as the very popular “bladeRF” from Nuand. No doubt, there will be a raft of boards featuring the new Lime chip -- the LMS7002M -- to exploit MIMO technology. However, I think that the biggest innovations will be in design support.

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Study: Vast Ocean of Water is Trapped Inside Crystal “Sponges” in Mantle
Jason Mick
DailyTech, June 17, 2014

Trapped crystalline water is believed to be enough to fill the Earth’s oceans 1 to 3 times over

A freakish find -- a mineralogical surprised tucked inside a dirty, seemingly worthless gemstone -- has shown highly compelling evidence that the Earth’s water may have sprung not from space, but from a mantle. Now mankind is finding out how little it knew about the Earth’s innards, as it slowly discovers that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

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