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Internet of Things — Part 1

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Wearables At Work: Early Adopters Will Win
Mark O’Neill
Vice President of innovation at Axway
InformationWeek, June 23, 2014

The sun is setting on the golden age of the smartphone. And the same goes for tablets. We are entering the post-mobile world.

Need to send a message to your friend? Talk to your smartwatch. Need directions? Consult your glasses. Have to contact your doctor about your latest blood pressure readings? That monitor you're wearing already did it.

OK, let’s not get completely ahead of ourselves. Smartphones and tablets are here to stay, but their sales have begun to level off, and the technology industry is ready for the next big thing.

That next big thing is wearables. Devices like Google Glass, smartwatches, fitness trackers that attach to clothing, health monitors worn on (or even in) the body -- these hands-free innovations are the future.

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Radios Give IoT New Channels
Rick Merritt
EE Times, June 19, 2014

A basketful of new radios for everything from wireless charging to millimeter-wave radar are in the works for the Internet of Things, according to researchers at Imec who described their work on several of them.

The emerging 802.11ah specification for running low-power WiFi over 900 MHz at distances up to a kilometer is one of the most promising new radios. “We believe this new standard is a very strong candidate for IoT applications in smart homes and buildings where a WiFi router is nearby,” says Kathleen Philips, who heads an ultra-low-power wireless research program at the Holst Center, a partner with Imec in the Netherlands.

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Internet Of Things Demands Open Standards
Sasa Marinkovic
Head of Technical Marketing, AMD
InformationWeek, April 10, 2014

IoT will shift the focus from technology to ideas -- if we get integration right. Heterogeneous System Architecture is a step in that direction.

Next-generation computing and Internet networking -- a combination I call “connected computing” -- promises great potential as we move toward an Internet of Things-enabled future. But first, we must vastly improve interoperability and communications protocols, common processing and programming interfaces, and tools to dissolve the barriers between diverse computing platforms, devices, and operating systems.

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The basics of designing wearable electronics with microcontrollers
Vairamuthu Ramasamy, Chethan Gowda, and Sivaguru Noopuran
Cypress Semiconductor
Embedded, June 17, 2014

‘Wearable’ devices are miniature electronic devices worn on the body, often integrated with or designed to replace existing accessories such as a watch. This market segment is booming, enabled by Internet of Things technology. Thus the need for smaller, more intuitive devices is rapidly increasing. Some of the current trends are smart watches, smart glasses, and sports and fitness activity trackers. In addition to the consumer market, the medical industry is creating a demand for devices that monitor physical conditions and functions.

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Wearables Get a New Interface
Daniel Kurz
EE Times, June 17, 2014

How thermal touch was born

It was a happy accident that we got our hands on a thermographic camera and played around with it in the lab. Our R&D team had already been tasked with developing natural and intuitive ways of interacting with augmented reality applications when using head-mounted displays, but this first foray was really just playing around with new toys.

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