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UK Team To Train on Triton as Government Ponders Purchase
Andrew Chuter
DefenseNews, April. 7, 2014
Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) is dispatching a team to train on Northrop Grumman’s MQ-4C Triton UAV in the run-up to a possible decision next year on whether to re-establish a maritime patrol capability.

The Triton is a maritime version of the Global Hawk remotely piloted surveillance vehicle. The high-altitude, long-endurance aircraft is in its flight-test phase ahead of deliveries to the US Navy.

Tags: Defense, Military, UAV,
Israeli System Fuses Surveillance, Memory for Persistent Intelligence
Barbara Opall-Rome
DefenseNews, March. 18, 2014
AbsFrom Israel‘s Golan Heights border with war-torn Syria to Brazil‘s Bahia carnival capital on the Atlantic coast, a new system that mates forensic memory and target detection with numerous sensor-fused video streams is demonstrating persistent, broad-area surveillance for military and policing missions.

Developed by Haifa, Israel-based Elbit Systems, the land-based GroundEye and aerial SkEye generate simultaneous streams of high-resolution video to multiple users over wide areas, alerting them to intruders, vandals and other preprogrammed targets of interest.

Without going into details, Elbit said GroundEye fuses data from several sensors, using specialized electronics and software to process and control the imagery.

Tags: Defense, Vision,
TellSpec Brings Big Data To Dinner
Jeff Bertolucci
InformationWeek, April 4, 2014
Handheld scanner uses spectroscopy, cloud-based algorithms, and mobile app to deliver nutritional facts -- and red flags -- about the foods we eat.

TellSpec, a biotechnology company based in Toronto, is developing a handheld device that scans the stuff we eat -- not barcodes, but actual foods and beverages. It sends this information via your mobile device or PC to TellSpec‘s cloud-based servers, which identify allergens, calories, chemicals, nutrients, and other ingredients present in the scanned food. These findings are then sent to a TellSpec app on the user's device.

Tags: BigData, Hand-held, Biotechnology,
Arista Champions New 100GbE Optical Spec, Files To Go Public
Timothy Prickett Morgan
EnterpriseTech, April 1, 2014
Arista Networks is teaming up with Intel and two dozen customers and parts suppliers to create a new transceiver specification that will suit the needs of hyperscale datacenters.

The new specification will be created by the CLR4 100G Alliance, which is being run by Arista and Intel, and according to Andy Bechtolsheim, the chief development officer at Arista, bridges a gap that has been left open by the current collection of transceivers and, importantly for Arista, will limit the adoption of 100 Gb/sec switching in datacenters.

Tags: Networks,
The first large-scale invisibility cloak that hides objects from visible light
James Plafke
ExtremeTech, April. 7, 2014
Among all of the sci-fi tech we see in movies -- space and time travel, shrink rays, weaponized lasers -- the invisibility cloak always seemed like the one piece of sci-fi technology that researchers could never create.

In real life, invisibility cloaks don’t come remotely close to the movies; for instance, they often tend to be solid objects that simply play perspective or reflective tricks on the eye. Now, researchers have created a cloak that actually bends and masks visible light using a fishnet-type of metamaterial.

Tags: Vision, General, Defense,
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