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NATO Treads Carefully on French Deal With Russia
Pierre Tran
DefenseNews, April 15, 2014
France has the right to decide whether to deliver a controversial helicopter carrier to Russia, NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen said. But the opinions of allies also count.

Apart from the naval deal on the Mistral helicopter carrier, French hopes for the land sector have been put on hold. Swedish truck maker Volvo has told its French unit, Renault Trucks Defense (RTD), to effectively freeze talks on co-development of a Russian armored vehicle.

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Navy Prepares for Historic First Live Test of a Rail Gun at Sea in 2016
Jason Mick
DailyTech, April 9, 2014
Railguns operate by utilizing the Lorentz force. This phenomenon involves the application of force from electromagnetism on point charge.

The simplest form of the railgun involves a sliding metallic conductor that acts as a homopolar motor in the cannon, accelerating down a pair of magnetized rails of opposite charges. The armature can be integrated into the projectile itself, but typically it is attached to the rails so that nonmagnetized projectiles can be fired from the cannon.

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Saab Offers Info on Gripen Lease to Malaysia
Andrew Chuter
DefenseNews, April 15, 2014
Company executives said they delivered proposals earlier this year but wouldn’t reveal how many ex-Swedish Air Force C/D model aircraft are involved or the length of a possible lease deal.

The Gripen fighter jet maker is the only one of the potential suppliers for Malaysia’s requirement for a multirole aircraft to at least partially declare its hand after the government in Kuala Lumpur effectively stalled a program to purchase jets outright and encouraged competitors to come up with a more affordable solution.

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Cybersecurity: Beating the Toughest Threats, Today and Tomorrow
Yoav Andrew Leitersdorf
InnovationInsights, April 15, 2014
Of all threats companies face, I believe two in particular will draw the largest share of cyber security budgets: cloud application security and advanced persistent threats (APTs).

With the rise of SaaS applications like Dropbox, Salesforce, Office 365 and Yammer, IT departments have begun to lose control over security rules, compliance and privacy in the cloud. When every application lived in on-premises data centers and private clouds, managing applications and hardware was easy.

With advanced persistent threats, hackers have specific goals. They target a specific organization and quietly try anything they can to penetrate the system over weeks or months. In some cases these intrusions are financially motivated. In other cases, the hackers are government or corporate-sponsored and they are after intellectual property.

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Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept
Jaguar Land Rover Limited, April 14, 2014
The headlamps on the Discovery Vision Concept feature laser diodes in combination with LED running lights. Laser light is the next generation of automotive lighting technology. These lights utilize laser-activated phosphor projection to emit a very bright and even beam of pure white light. The power of the laser light beam adds a distance of over 984 ft (300 meters) to the range of the headlight,

Jaguar Land Rover intelligent headlight dipping and tracking technology uses hi-definition cameras to automatically detect and assess oncoming traffic, instantly dipping the relevant parts of the light beam to avoid glare to other road users, and adjusting the rest of the beam to maintain perfect visibility in all driving situations.

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