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Wearable Tech in the Field: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?
Stephen Timms
President of ClickSoftware’s Americas division
InnovationInsights, April 22, 2014
Wearable devices have been in use in niche applications for some time. For example, smart glasses have been prototyped and deployed for aerospace maintenance where technicians had to work in tight spaces, consult large volumes of documentation, and any mistakes had very serious repercussions. However, wider deployment in the field service industry is just getting started today. With the rapid rise in quality and availability of affordable wearable technology, there is every indication that this will change -- and change soon.

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Nike looks at the future of wearables and ceases Fuelband production
James Plafke
ExtremeTech, April 21, 2014
Wearable computing is in purgatory at the moment. Despite Samsung’s big push into smartwatches, you don’t see anyone wearing them on the street, at the grocery store, or even the gym -- where they, in theory, are the most useful since they would replace the cumbersome armband phone-straps. Google’s face-based wearable, Glass, is currently struggling with asking a staggering entry fee for a device that doesn’t yet do much, but also makes you look very silly (though the company is attempting to rectify this issue). Fitness bands are perhaps the most prevalent wearable, but they’re generally nothing more than a glorified pedometer, though Razer’s Nabu and Samsung’s Gear Fit attempt advanced (messages, for instance) smartphone integration.

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Wearables, Drones Scare Americans
Thomas Claburn
InformationWeek, April 19, 2014
A survey conducted by the nonprofit Pew Research Center finds doubts about expected technological change, mixed in with the optimism.

For Google, which has struggled to make its Glass computerized eyewear socially acceptable, for Amazon, which has floated the possibility of delivering packages by drone, and for other companies banking on the future, the survey's findings suggest that research budgets should be matched by investments in public relations. The future may be bright but people are more comfortable with the present.

Tags: Robotics, Drones, Wearables,
Google Lifts Veil On “Andromeda” Virtual Networking
Timothy Prickett Morgan
EnterpriseTech, April 2, 2014
The Andromeda network virtualization stack is part of the Google network, which includes a vast content distribution network that spans the globe as well as an OpenFlow-derived wide area network that has similarly been virtualized and which also spans the globe.

Tags: Cloud-Computing, Networks, Internet,
Russian Missile System Masquerading as Innocent Cargo Container
Wendell Minnick
DefenseNews, April 16, 2014
This year’s Defence Services Asia (DSA) exhibition, being held in Kuala Lumpur from April 14-17, was full of surprises this year. There were plenty of “lord of war” types roaming about, ...

One disconcerting exhibit was by Moscow-based Concern Morinformsystem -- AGAT, which displayed two models illustrating how the Club K Container Missile System uses ordinary 40-foot cargo containers to conceal a variety of anti-ship and land-attack missiles.

The containers can be hidden in plain sight aboard cargo ships, trains, and flat-bed trucks. Missile systems that can be fitted into a cargo container include the vertical-launched 3M-54KE, 3M-54KE1, inclined-launched Kh-35UE anti-ship missiles, and vertical-launched 3M-14KE (SS-N-30A) and inclined-launched Kh-35UE land-attack missiles (Note to reader: E = export, U = trainer, K = container).

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