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French ‘Flying Car’ Undergoes Testing for Special Forces
Pierre Tran
DefenseNews, April 30, 2014
In “Live and Let Die,” a black-clad James Bond silently flies in the night in a black hang glider and lands on a mountain.

More than 40 years later, French special operations forces seek to do something similar, this time using a combination hang glider-dune buggy under development.

A prototype flying dune buggy designed for the military is going through tests at an air base, said Jerome Dauffy, chairman of Vaylon, a start-up company that developed the vehicle.

The need for a stealthy air transport was apparent in an attempted night rescue of a French secret service agent held hostage in Somalia in January 2013. Insurgents heard the French helicopters flying in and were armed and ready to thwart the mission.

Tags: Military, Defense,
Massachusetts Invests In Big Data Innovation
Elena Malykhina
InformationWeek, April 29, 2014
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is providing $3 million in funding to launch its Open Cloud project, a university-industry partnership to build a new public cloud computing infrastructure for big data innovation.

“Massachusetts Open Cloud will be a virtual laboratory to big data researchers and innovators in industry, academia, and government across the Commonwealth,” Patrick said. “It will be a forum to experiment across our silos with solutions to big problems.”

Tags: BigData, Cloud-Computing,
Google Autonomous Vehicles Are Working On Mastering City Street Driving
Shane McGlaun
DailyTech, April 28, 2014
The big challenge for autonomous systems in driving on city streets is the unexpected. People stepping off curbs into the street and vehicles unexpectedly merging are examples of challenges autonomous vehicles face in city driving. More complications stem from the fact that bicyclists and motorcyclists might be using hand gestures to signal turns.

Tags: Automotive,
MongoDB, Cloudera Form Big Data Partnership
Doug Henschen
InformationWeek, April 28, 2014
MongoDB and Cloudera are the successful leading vendors in the NoSQL and Hadoop markets, respectively, but both firms figure they could be that much more successful if would-be customers weren't so confused about big data.

That’s the gist of the reasoning behind a deeper alliance between the two companies announced Tuesday. As part of the deeper partnership, MongoDB and Cloudera say they will co-market and co-sell their software as complementary big-data technologies. In case you couldn’t guess, MongoDB will be pitched as an operational database for high-scale applications while Cloudera’s Hadoop-based Enterprise Data Hub will be described as an analytical platform.

Tags: BigData, Cloud-Computing,
Datameer Bets Visual Analysis Beats SQL On Hadoop
Doug Henschen
InformationWeek, April 28, 2014
With all the hubbub about SQL-on-Hadoop options over the last year, what seems to be lost on many is the fact that SQL access won’t exactly open up big data to the masses. If the arcane languages of MapReduce, Pig, and so on are akin to ancient Latin, adding SQL to the language list is a bit like suggesting the use of modern Greek.

Enter Datameer, which offers a spreadsheet-on-Hadoop approach to exploring and analyzing data on Hadoop. Datameer has been among the pioneers in supporting ad-hoc analysis, reporting, and analytics directly on data in Hadoop, and with a 4.0 version released last week, it has enhanced the product's visual data preparation and data analysis capabilities.

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