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Product Design Streamlined By Nvidia Iray VCA
Timothy Prickett Morgan
EnterpriseTech, March 26, 2014
Nvidia is actually shipping an updated version of its Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) equipped with a software stack that allows for product design and rendering to be implemented in real-time on a single device.

Nvidia co-founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said that a rack of 19 of these appliances would pack over 1 petaflops of double-precision floating point performance, which is as much raw computing as a capability-class supercomputing system costing $500 million would have run only a few years ago.

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Future Nvidia ‘Pascal’ GPUs Pack 3D Memory, Homegrown Interconnect
Timothy Prickett Morgan
EnterpriseTech, March 25, 2014
The Pascal GPU will sport 3D stacked memory, just like Volta was expected to, but also adds a high-speed interconnect for linking CPUs and GPUs called NVLink.

While this new interconnect was pulled in, the hardware-assisted unified memory that was expected with the “Maxwell” family of GPUs has been pushed out

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Google Aligns Cloud Pricing With Moore’s Law
Tiffany Trader
EnterpriseTech, March 25, 2014
Google’s cloud services are now priced far below those of its rivals. The company is also reducing the complexity of its pricing charts and adding automatic price reductions.

The Web giant observes that cloud pricing hasn’t followed Moore’s Law. Cloud prices are falling by 6 to 8 percent year, while hardware prices have dropped by 20 to 30 percent. Hölzle notes that the two curves shouldn’t be identical since there are maintenance costs associated with running a cloud, but they should be closer together.

Tags: Cloud-Computing, Hardware, Software,
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