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Massive Internet Explorer Vulnerability -- Background and Next Steps for Users
Andrew Jaquith
CTO at SilverSky.
InnovationInsights, April 30, 2014
A zero-day was recently discovered that allows attackers to exploit flaws in Internet Explorer. This vulnerability is nasty. It affects all modern versions of the browser -- everything from the ancient IE6 through IE11, the current version. Microsoft has not issued a fix yet. Customers can protect themselves by installing the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) 4.1 from Microsoft, but it is not a “free lunch.” It may break certain browser plugins.

Tags: Security, Cybersecurity,
CloudGenix Raises $9 Million
Deborah Gage
WSJ, April 30, 2014
CloudGenix has emerged to try to simplify networking again, raising $9 million for a software-enabled box that lets companies manage multiple types of apps--public cloud apps, private cloud apps, enterprise and consumer services and so on--over multiple types of connections with the promise of better performance and lower cost.

Every decade there’s a shift in technology that creates an opening for companies to upgrade their networking infrastructure, according to Mayfield Fund Managing Director Navin Chaddha, who’s on CloudGenix’s board, and CloudGenix has hit on a new one.

Tags: Networks, Cloud-Computing,
The Next Big Cloud Revolution: The People Cloud
Ashwin Viswanath
iPaaS product marketing at Informatica
InnovationInsights, April 30, 2014
Software as a Service (SaaS) applications have been growing rapidly ever since the mid-2000s, led primarily by the CRM category, and followed by other departments such as HR, finance, and marketing. In fact, the current buzz in the SaaS industry is all about the “marketing cloud.”

The next cloud revolution cannot simply be yet another departmental SaaS solution that grows in adoption and earns a moniker prefixed by the department’s name and followed by ‘cloud’. To truly be revolutionary, it must usher in cultural shifts in society that change the way we work. This next revolution, the People Cloud will truly be about the people, and be propelled by a culmination of three catalysts - social media, wearable devices, and Big Data.

Tags: Cloud-Computing, Wearables, BigData, Social Media,
Wearable 2.0: The Future of Mobility
Dave Evans
Cisco’s Chief Futurist
InnovationInsights, April 30, 2014
If you consider how wearables may evolve, we may see a time where people take a perfectly good limb, eye or ear and replace it with something synthetic because it gives them a skill that they haven’t had before. Perhaps it gives a solider infrared vision at night or a baseball pitcher a robotic arm that throws a perfect game.

These new capabilities will propel us into a new phase of human history -- this period of self-designed evolution. As the power of Internet of Everything technology merges with biology, we can create a self-evolving population. Let’s take a step back and look how this has developed over time.

Tags: Wearables, Embedded,
7 Deadly Sins of the Private Cloud
Steve Curry
Co-founder and President of Metacloud
InnovationInsights, April 30, 2014
Private cloud products and services allow IT organizations to retain control of company data and technology spending by empowering them to deliver new services as quickly and easily as external cloud providers. Yet, for many businesses, the transition to private cloud is a bumpy one. From skipping up-front total cost of ownership analysis to overlooking the value of existing infrastructure, we’ve seen a common set of issues plague companies trying to implement private cloud solutions and have dubbed them the Seven Deadly Sins of Private Cloud:

Tags: Cloud-Computing,
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