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Drone Ships May Replace Manned Standard Cargo Ships in the Future
Shane McGlaun
DailyTech, February 27, 2014
When we talk about drones, we are typically talking about the unmanned aircraft that are used for surveillance and attack mission by the U.S. military. Currently one in three of the aircraft in the US military is a drone, and that will likely increase over time.

Rolls-Royce has its eyes on a new type of drone that may be able to cut the cost of shipping goods on massive container ships significantly. The Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc Blue Ocean development team is working on a next generation drone ship that needs no human crew. The drone ships are controlled using a 360-degree VR simulation of the bridge on a ship.

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Tesla Motors’ Gigafactory to Help Push Out Half Million EVs/Year in 2020
Tiffany Kaiser
DailyTech, February 27, 2014
Tesla Motors' all-electric auto business heavily relies on batteries, so it makes sense that the company has placed a lot of emphasis on that area with Supercharger stations, replaceable battery tech and road trips to relieve range anxiety for customers. Now, Tesla is finally revealing some details on its huge, upcoming battery plant.

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“Boeing Black” Secure, Self-Destructing Android Smartphone Gets Official
Shane McGlaun
DailyTech, February 27, 2014
Boeing has officially announced a new smartphone that was designed with security and modularity in mind. The modular and secure design allows the device to be used in a range of mission and configurations. The “Boeing Black” has embedded hardware security features, software policy configurability, and physical modularity. The phone runs Android for the operating system. It also supports encrypting the contents of its internal drive. The Boeing Black has a Hardware Root of Trust [PDF] that ensures software authenticity.

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Google Plans to Launch Modular Smartphone via “Project Ara” Early Next Year
Tiffany Kaiser
DailyTech, February 27, 2014
Google‘s Android operating system offers a high level of software customization in smartphones, but Google wants users to be able to customize smartphone hardware as well.

According to TIME, Google could have a modular smartphone in the hands of customers by early 2015, which would allow them to piece together speakers, batteries, processors and more of their choice.

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Project Ara: Inside Google’s Bold Gambit to Make Smartphones Modular
Harry McCracken
Time, February 26, 2014
On January 29, Google announced that it had agreed to sell Motorola, its phone-manufacturing business, to Chinese electronics giant Lenovo.

It turned out that Google was holding onto one organization within Motorola: the Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group. Headed by Regina Dugan, the former director of the U.S. Defense Department’s fabled Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), ATAP aims to bring the same approach to mobile-gadget innovation that DARPA used to kickstart the Internet, satellite navigation, stealth fighters and other technologies that started small and eventually mattered a lot.

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