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Feel the Vibration of the Database Migration
Sean Doherty
Senior Vice President, EnterpriseDB
InnivationInsights, March 11, 2014
A decade ago, most companies faced financial challenges related to the dot-com bubble burst. Today, we’ve just gone through what was likely the worst financial crisis we’ll see in our lifetime. Whatever the reason for the challenges, it’s clear that some technology vendors have been unable to respond to the economics of the times. From an IT perspective, the fact that budgets are staying flat or growing slowly doesn’t jibe with the expensive, ever increasing costs of infrastructure software -- the spend to keep things running, the plumbing.

History Repeating

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Big Data Lessons From Netflix
Phil Simon
InnivationInsights, March 11, 2014
In a data-driven environment like Netflix, data visualization plays a key role. It must. In The Visual Organization, I offer the following definition of data visualization. Dataviz signifies the practice of representing data through visual and often interactive means. An individual dataviz represents information after it been abstracted in some schematic form. Finally, contemporary data visualization technologies are capable of incorporating what we now call Big Data.

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The Competitive Edge: Cyber Threats: Stealing Our Credit Cards Just Tip of Iceberg
Stephen Gold
President and CEO of Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation
IndustryWeek, March 4, 2014
During the peak of online holiday shopping, Target and other retailers saw hackers create a massive credit card security breach that clarified the growing vulnerability of 21st-century businesses and consumers alike.

And yet, as stupefying as that news was, the attack that businesses and citizens really need to be concerned about is one that occurred earlier in 2013. One dark night last April, snipers shot up 17 transformers at a Pacific Gas and Electric substation in Silicon Valley. Only the swift work of PG&E employees prevented a large-scale outage. While the FBI has declared the incident an act of vandalism, others, including former Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chair Jon Wellinghoff, have their suspicions.

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Audi Traffic Light Recognition System Hopes to Save Fuel
Shane McGlaun
DailyTech, March 11, 2014
Audi has announced new technology that is a high tech version of ... The system is called Audi Traffic Light Recognition and the carmaker figures that the system could save millions of gallons of fuel.

The system uses in-car internet in a new way by leveraging Audi connect to establish a link between the car and the traffic light. The system is able to figure out the timing pattern of traffic lights (and the traffic lights in the vicinity) and maps those to an information system in the central instrument cluster that shows a virtual traffic light.

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Super-thin optoelectronic diodes could finally make flexible, wearable tech a reality
Ryan Whitwam
ExtremeTech, March 11, 2014
Research into novel materials is usually focused on improving a particular technology, but a trio of just published studies take aim at improving the functionality multiple technologies by making better diodes. This could have huge impacts in all areas of optoelectronics, which encompasses photovoltaic cells, light emitting diodes (LEDs), and photodetectors. Researchers are exploring the possibility of using extremely thin “2D” sheets of semiconducting transition metals to make these devices incredibly thin and flexible.

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