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Group Likens Itself to Holocaust Denier, Blasts “Al Gore-Controlled” Apple
Jason Mick
DailyTech, March 10, 2014
Richard Branson and think tank also trade barbs over “global warming spending” and greenwashing accusations.

What might have been a comment from a top tech executive aimed at stemming rebellious shareholders has quickly devolved into the latest hypersensitive reaction from those who feel global warming “deniers” are endangering the planet.

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Sampling, Statistics and ‘Passion’ in Big Data
Mark Underwood
InnivationInsights, March 11, 2014
Can Big Data lead to big errors? On its face, the proposition that Big Data would lead to more errors seems counterintuitive. Having more data should lead to more sound, evidence-based decision-making. Instead of relying on guesswork, analysts can dive into data, use predictive analytics, look for trends and identify hidden connections.

The Curious Case of Google Correlate

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Internet Of Things: What About Data Storage?
George Crump
President, Storage Switzerland
InformationWeek, March 5, 2014
Humans are quickly being outnumbered by Internet-connected devices that are constantly collecting and transmitting data.

These machines -- or things -- perform a range of tasks, relatively simple functions like capturing images and uploading them to social sharing sites to capturing and transmitting more complicated sensor data and sending real-time information on an organization's various assets. Thanks to analytics, businesses now want the ability to, say, compare the current condition of their assets compared with five years ago.

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NASA Considering SpaceX “Red Dragon” for Returning Mars Samples to Earth
Tiffany Kaiser
DailyTech, March 10, 2014
NASA wants to analyze some terrain samples from Mars in an effort to answer whether life exists there, but the problem has been transporting such samples from the Red Planet back to Earth.

While this is just a proposal for now and is by no means a planned mission with set funding yet, NASA said that modifying a SpaceX Dragon capsule into a landing craft could be a cost-effective way of bringing Martian samples back to Earth as soon as 2022.

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Real-Time Acoustic Processing Has Big Data Potential
Jeff Bertolucci
InformationWeek, March 10, 2014
...before disaster strikes, your smartphone shuts off the music and warns you of the approaching vehicle.

This is just one of many potential uses of real-time acoustic processing, a machine-learning system that analyzes ambient audio to predict near-future outcomes.

It could, for instance, detect when industrial equipment is about to fail, alert deaf people to alarms and other auditory warnings,

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