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Want More Privacy In Your App? Wickr Resells Its Encryption, Self-Destructing Tech To Other Apps
Ingrid Lunden
TechCrunch, March 19, 2014
Wickr, one of the wave of messaging apps built on the idea of private, encrypted and self-destructing data, has vowed never to make money off its users -- with its app remaining free, and user data never getting sold on or accessed by others. But it is starting the process of making money regardless.

As Wickr the app continues to amass more users (between 50,000 and 200,000 new accounts per day, I’ve been told, with the Android version now live alongside the existing iOS app), Wickr the startup is launching a B2B product: a suite of six privacy features that it will sell to other developers who want to add extra security to their apps.

Tags: Security, Encryption, Mobile,
Is IBM Prepping Power8 For Late April Launch?
Timothy Prickett Morgan
EnterpriseTech, March 5, 2014
IBM has been telling Wall Street and customers to expect its Power8 processor and the initial systems using them to launch sometime around the middle of this year, but it looks like they may get here a little bit earlier if the rumors running around are right.

The Power8 chip crams a dozen cores running at between 2.5 GHz and 5.5 GHz (in lab conditions) onto a single die, with 96 MB of L3 cache shared by those cores. At a 4 GHz baseline speed, a Power8 core will offer about 1.6 times the performance per thread as a Power7 core running at the same speed, and a Power8 socket at that same 4 GHz baseline will offer between 2X and 2.5X the aggregate application throughput compared to a Power7+ socket.

Tags: EDA, Multicore,
Adaptive Computing Spans The DigitalGlobe
Timothy Prickett Morgan
EnterpriceTech, February 26, 2014
DigitalGlobe has worked for many years with Adaptive Computing, a maker of cluster and cloud management tools, to make its clusters more flexible, and the two are working together to adapt the Moab job scheduler at the heart of the Adaptive tools so they can hook into the data scheduling systems, putting both compute and data under the control of the same job scheduler. This effort, called Big Workflow, is part of the Moab 7.5 update that came out this week and the idea is to commercialize the data scheduling hooks created for DigitalGlobe and a number of other customers.

Tags: Space,
Drones In Action: 5 Non-Military Uses
Elena Malykhina
InformationWeek, March 10, 2014
Beyond the military, there are numerous potential uses for drones, or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), such as law enforcement, storm tracking, search and rescue, and aerial surveying. But managing drones domestically comes with its own challenges, which still need to be addressed by the US government and the private companies involved.

Tags: Drones,
Robot Sourcing and Rules for Selfies: The Moments That Stood Out at SXSW
Douglas MacMillan
WSJ, March 4, 2014
There is the cloud, and there are robotics -- two fast-growing fields in technology. At SXSW, there were cloud robotics.

Cloud robotics showed what’s possible by connecting robots’ “brains” through wireless networking and storage. Automated systems would no longer be limited by their own individual memories and programs.

Tags: Robotics,
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