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Multicore basics: AMP and SMP
Colin Walls
Embedded, March 15, 2014
With multicore embedded systems becoming so common, this article outlines some of the basics, reviewing the possible hardware architectures. Broadly, there are two options: Asymmetric Multi-Processing and Symmetric Multi-Processing. These are defined and the circumstances under which each may be selected are outlined, along with the implications to the embedded software engineer.

Tags: Multicore,
Big Data Drives The Smart Car
Jeff Bertolucci
InformationWeek, March 18, 2014
Lane-departure warnings, blind spot detection, auto-braking, and self-parking: These are a few examples of emerging safety features designed to make driving safer. Sorry, humans, but the message here is clear: The best way to make makes roads safer is to supplement, and eventually bypass, the weakest link in every vehicle’s crash-avoidance system -- the easily-distracted, irrational, and sometimes dangerous human driver.

Tags: Automotive, BigData, Networks,
Automotive WiFi Security in News (Again...)
Joel Martin
Senior Vice President & General Manager,
EE Times, March 7, 2014
Articles ... have created an atmosphere of concern about the digital security of a “connected” car.

The original Controller Area Network (CAN bus) was developed by Robert Bosch GmBH in 1983 and, as a low level protocol, does not employ security measures but leaves that up to the application developer to implement. Based on our analysts’ knowledge and a fact that was admitted to in the article, hacking into a vehicle’s CAN bus first requires physical access. This contradicts the hacker’s standard operating procedure of REMOTE access which, by its nature, leaves them relatively free from discovery by law enforcement.

Tags: Automotive, Networks, Wireless,
Apple & Tesla: The Perfect Couple?
Christoph Hammerschmidt
EE Times, Feb 20, 2014
But a sale of Tesla to Apple is not so much the question. The simple fact that an IT company and a carmaker are discussing anything that might be even distantly related to an acquisition is very remarkable. Things are becoming a bit more plausible if one takes into consideration that Apple is not just a manufacturer of computers and cellphones and Tesla not just a carmaker.

Tags: Automotive,
Internet Of Things Meets Cars: Security Threats Ahead
Jeff Bertolucci
InformationWeek, March 18, 2014
The tech and automotive industries are aggressively promoting the connected car, a 4G-enabled vehicle that brings smartphone-like capabilities to personal transportation. Distracted-driving issues aside, the Internet-ready vehicle brings with it a host of security concerns related to the data it will generate.

Tags: Automotive, Security, Hand-held,
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