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New Firm Pitches Cybersecurity for Less Well-Heeled
Danny Yadron
WSJ, March 27, 2014
Now some big-name former Washington officials are backing a new cybersecurity company that seeks to help less-well-heeled clients. Vectra, run by two former Juniper Networks executives, uses an approach en vogue: Identifying hackers already in the system rather than trying to keep them out.

The company‘s software uses a graph to rank the severity of unusual activity on a private network. Run-of-the-mill spam likely isn‘t a pressing issue. But thousands of files being copied to a previously unknown server probably is worth a look.

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SAS Brings Visual Modeling To Data Scientists
Doug Henschen
InformationWeek, March 27, 2014
SAS announced new technologies, new efforts to expand its community, and support for new platforms including Hadoop at its SAS Global Forum.

The headliner among new technologies introduced is SAS Visual Statistics, a companion to the SAS Visual Analytics product the company introduced nearly two years ago. Where SAS Visual Analytics is a data-exploration and data-analysis tool geared to business analysts, Visual Statistics is aimed at statisticians and data scientists who want to get their hands on the data and the models so they can test variables and algorithms in order to optimize performance. Both products share the same visual, drag-and-drop style graphical user interface and both products run on the same powerful SAS LASR clustered, in-memory server.

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Driverless Car Sharing Concept Focuses on Digital Comfort
Christoph Hammerschmidt
EE Times, March 7, 2014
A prototype of a vehicle,Link & Go 2.0, provides a glimpse of future urban individual mobility. Link & Go 2.0. The vehicle has no steering wheel; instead, it offers all conceivable digital whistles and bells. Link & Go 2.0 is actually more a taxi than a means of individual mobility as we know it.

The car can be ordered via smartphone (across its Facebook site) and then drives automatically to the customer to pick him up. Having transported the passenger to his destination, experience-based algorithms make the vehicle to head for places where the statistic likelihood to pick up another passenger is the highest.Abs

Tags: Automotive, Internet,
Lockheed Martin Puts Military Tech to Use Scouting the Ideal Wind Farm
Jason Mick
Daily Tech, March 14, 2014
The old knock on alternative energy is “the sun isn’t always shining and the wind isn't always blowing.” But if wind farms could only deliver on their expectations, they could provide a vital supporting role that slowly expands as grid storage grows. But according to Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT) wind farms recently installed in the U.S. have been missing their promised average capacities by seven to nine percent -- a catastrophic shortfall from a cost perspective.

The company -- best known for its work for the U.S. Air Force building jet fighters and other high tech weapons of war -- is interesting in diversifying into the commercial sector and has issued press releases describing WindProspector.

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GPUs Take Monte Carlo Options Pricing Real-Time
Tiffany Trader
EnterpriseTech, March 12, 2014
In finance, an option or derivative is a contract that gives a firm the right, under certain conditions, to buy or sell an underlying asset or instrument. Financial firms use options to reduce the risks associated with investing.... Accurately calculating risk and pricing is a critical part of this strategy, and GPU co-processors have increasingly been commandeered for this computationally intensive task.

There are a number of computational algorithms common to the financial world. In finance pricing, Monte Carlo simulation is the dominant technique for American-style options, which may be exercised at any time before the expiration date. The Monte Carlo method provides the decision maker with a range of possible outcomes and the probabilities they will occur for any choice of action.

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