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Volvo Road Magnets Tell Autonomous Cars Where to Go
Kevin Fogarty
EE Times, March 20, 2014
Autonomous-car designs almost all depend on stuffing enough intelligence into a car to allow it to drive. Volvo is experimenting ways to make the road do some of the work as well.

GPS- and camera-based systems have far more potential for general-purpose location-awareness, navigational, parking and collision-avoidance systems, but are severely limited in poor visibility and at very close distances, according to Volvo’s announcement March 11.

Magnets are especially good at identifying lane divisions under snow and ice that could confuse vision and radar system.

Tags: Automotive, Navigation,
4G Carriers: It‘s All About Speed
Noam Green
VP of Marketing at Flash Networks
InnovationInsights, March 27, 2014
Mobile operators are fighting to be the fastest, and based on the latest speed test results competition is working. When PC Magazine went on a road trip last spring to find the fastest mobile network, they discovered that although there is not a single operator that offers a perfect 4G experience, they‘re all working hard and delivering better networks than they did last year.

However, although the introduction and deployment of 4G networks offers real promise for both subscribers and operators worldwide, the promise of speed can‘t always be guaranteed.

Tags: Wireless, Networks,
How IBM Measured the Current Data Speed Record
Martin Rowe
EE Times, March 25, 2014
Whenever I hear a claim about some new highest speed, shortest time, or other research result, I ask, “How did they measure it?” and “How do they know if the results are accurate?” So, when IBM announced that engineers had successfully transferred data at 64 Gbit/s just prior to OFC 2014, I just had to ask how they verified the result.

Tags: Wireless, Networks,
Northrop Grumman, U.S. Navy Complete Initial Flight Test on MQ-4C Triton Drone
Shane McGlaun
DailyTech, March 25, 2014
The U.S. military is quickly ramping up its use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to not only save costs, but to also put fewer pilots in harm‘s way. The U.S. Navy and Northrop Grumman have announced that they have completed initial flight testing on the MQ-4C Triton UAV, which can be configured for multiple intelligence, surveillance, and recon sensor payloads.

Tags: Drones, Military,
The Tax Man -- and the Cybercriminals -- Cometh
Alex Balan
Head of Product Management at BullGuard.
InnovationInsights, March 27, 2014
Last year, an estimated 120 million people filed their taxes online via Inland Revenue Service (IRS) e-file. And apparently, since 1990 more than 1 billion people also did the deed online.

In the virtual shadow world, personal information is the equivalent of hard currency. Hackers use it to commit fraud or simply sell on to others. It has value, it equates to money. Within this context, and along with other landmark calendar events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, cyber spammers see the tax season as a significant opportunity to divest people of their personal information.

Tags: Security, Internet,
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