ADN Issue 2, November 2013


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Fadi Obeidat
Embedded Processor Selection Using FPGA-based Profiling
Fadi Obeidat* and Robert H. Klenke**
* Intel Corporation, Austin, TX, USA
** ECE Department, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, USA
ADN Issue 2, Nov 2013

In embedded systems, modeling the performance of off-the-shelf processors is very important to enable the designer to estimate the capability of each candidate processor against the target application. Considering the large number of available embedded processors, the need has increased for building an infrastructure by which it is possible to estimate the performance of a given application on a certain processor with a minimum of time and resources. This paper presents the use a Xilinx MicroBlaze softcore processor as a reference model augmented by FPGA-based profiling mechanism to extract the functional statistics that characterize the target application. Linear regression analysis is implemented for mapping the application functional behavior on the reference model (MicroBlaze) to the performance of the candidate processors.

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China’s Moon Rover Lands Safe and Sound, Starts Snapping Pics
Jason Mick
Daily Tech, Dec 16, 2013
In order to coax the moon probe into a gentle landing, the Chinese lander was equipped with state-of-the-art mini rockets, which allowed it to gently hover above the lunar surface. This allowed it to avoid small boulders and large rocks that littered parts of its Sinus Iridum (Bay of Rainbows) landing site.

Big Data In 2014: 6 Bold Predictions
Jeff Bertolucci
Information Week, Dec 23, 2013
How will big data evolve in 2014? The future is anyone's guess, of course, but we thought we'd compile a tasty holiday assortment of prognostications from executives working in the big data trenches. So without further delay, here they are -- six big data predictions for next year:

Military Supply Data Search Tool Uses MongoDB
Elena Malykhina
Information Week, Jan 3, 2014
The Department of Defense purchases nearly 7 million types of products and does business with 2.7 million supplier companies, according to government records. Knowing what products and parts are stocked in DoD warehouses worldwide is not only a challenge for military logistics personnel, but also for suppliers who need information on products the DoD keeps in stock.

Predictions for 2014: Big Data, Cloud and Hadoop to Transform Business
Yves de Montcheuil
Insights, Jan 2, 2014
Big Data was arguably one of the most hyped concepts of 2013 -- and for good reasons. The second half of 2013 saw more and more big data projects move from the sandbox/proof-of-concept to production. Cloud computing is in a very different phase: we are now far past the initial hype and entering a new era of hybrid deployments, where the cloud extends transparently to the data center. In 2014, we can expect the following developments in both of these areas:

2014: The Year Marketer’s Big Data Gets Real
Gurbaksh Chahal
Insights, Dec 31, 2013
In 2014, for the first time we’ll see marketers begin using big data to optimize their digital advertising in ways that integrate seamlessly with people’s busy lives generating highly relevant, meaningful interactions. RadiumOne predicts marketers’ data-centric demands will power three major ad tech industry evolutions in the coming year:

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