ADN Issue 2, November 2013


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Fadi Obeidat
Embedded Processor Selection Using FPGA-based Profiling
Fadi Obeidat* and Robert H. Klenke**
* Intel Corporation, Austin, TX, USA
** ECE Department, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, USA
ADN Issue 2, Nov 2013

In embedded systems, modeling the performance of off-the-shelf processors is very important to enable the designer to estimate the capability of each candidate processor against the target application. Considering the large number of available embedded processors, the need has increased for building an infrastructure by which it is possible to estimate the performance of a given application on a certain processor with a minimum of time and resources. This paper presents the use a Xilinx MicroBlaze softcore processor as a reference model augmented by FPGA-based profiling mechanism to extract the functional statistics that characterize the target application. Linear regression analysis is implemented for mapping the application functional behavior on the reference model (MicroBlaze) to the performance of the candidate processors.

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Raytheon, GrammaTech team on U.S. malware prevention effort
Bernard Cole
EE Times
“Mobile phones, network routers, computer workstations and other networked devices can be secretly modified to function in unintended ways or spy on users”. Companies have been tasked with developing tools and techniques to enable organizations to inspect the software and firmware that exist inside such network-enabled devices and protect them from attack.

Raytheon BBN Technologies plans to develop techniques that enable analysts to prioritize elements of software and firmware to examine for hidden malicious functionality. GrammaTech plans to develop the tools that actually examine the software and firmware to allow analysts to demonstrate that they do not have exploitable security vulnerabilities.

Weighing Risk Against ROI in the Face of DDoS Threats
Jeffrey Lyon
Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are not limited to a single season. Hackers motivated by money, idealism or competitive edge do not hang up their tools on December 26, nor do they give their targets a pass 11 months out of the year. Bringing down websites is a year-round endeavor. So why do so many businesses bolster their DDoS mitigation efforts around the holidays and then pull them down along with the tinsel and holly? Certainly, DDoS attacks pose a particularly strong threat...

Mind the Cloud Security Gap
Tal Klein
Putting your digital assets in the cloud is safer than keeping them in your datacenter. However, moving your digital assets to the cloud also makes nearly all of your existing security investments irrelevant.

An Approach to Risk Decision Making
Curt Dalton
Security executives routinely have to make tough decisions about which risks to mitigate, which to avoid or transfer and which to accept. Your security budget has its limits. You have a finite amount of cash to spend on people and technologies to keep your business’ risk to an acceptable level, so you have to make your decisions wisely.

Making these decisions and presenting them to company leadership requires a thorough understanding of the impact of the risk, knowledge of available safeguards and sometimes the guts to make a tough call. The goal of this article is to arm you with an approach to help guide you in these difficult risk decisions.

FAA Chooses First Six Aerial Drone Test Locations
Shane McGlaun
Daily Tech, Dec 31, 2013
The FAA has announced the first six locations that will act as test sites for unmanned aircraft systems into the air traffic system around the country. Before the FAA allows widespread use of drone aircraft around the country, it has to test the system out and be sure that people in the air and on the ground will be safe.

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