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Application Developers News - ADN The Journal for
Developers of Heterogeneous Computing Systems


Developing complex, commercial applications is a main trend in all areas of computing technologies. Developing complex systems requires multidisciplinary research and new visionary approaches.

Currently there is no industrial or developers’ journal focused on commercial application development for heterogeneous, reconfigurable, embedded computing systems. The new journal, “Application Developers News”, shortened to ADN, aims to fill this gap.

“Application Developers News” is a Journal for industrial and academic researchers, commercial entrepreneurs, and developers. This journal publishes peer-reviewed technical papers with acceptance based purely on the quality of the submissions. The Journal will have ISSN number, and papers will be indexed in the main databases. Copyright remains with the author.

Editorial Message

Read the Editorial Message for developers of heterogeneous, reconfigurable computing systems.

Types of Contributions

Full-size technical papers, with strong technical content. These papers should present new technical solutions, research and application-oriented results, strong overviews and analyses of trends in technology, and new visionary approaches.

Short technical papers, which may be technical notes, comments, letters, technical overviews, including overviews of technical events and other similar short texts.

Advertisements of upcoming events, calls for papers (CFP), and advertising from companies, including job opportunities, are welcome.



alert “Application Developers News” uses an Open Access (OA) publishing model, offers rapid-decision publishing to help authors gain maximum exposure for their research and application-oriented articles, spanning all fields of ADN interest.

The journal will be published monthly, will be available online at the journal’s website, and distributed as “Developers Newsletter” by email.

alert “Developers Newsletter” is a weekly update for “Application Developers News”. It is published on each Wednesday, distributed freely by email and is available on “Application Developers News” website, visit Downloads & Links on rightbar. “Developers Newsletter” is for rapid publication of short technical papers and advertisements, visit Fees & Advertising section. All advertisements are published in the next issue of the newsletter; publishing technical papers may take two-three weeks. It depends on quality of paper. If the revision is required, the publishing will take more time.

All contributions to the ADN journal in a form of text (i.e. not merely Logos), including advertisings and short papers, are displayed on a separate webpage with its own URL and are supported by LinkedIn button. This offers authors and visitors the possibility to post the contribution to LinkedIn groups and to forward to other individuals. In this way, authors and their contributions will be benefited with higher visibility.

Market penetration: The ADN Journal and his Newsletter distributed over several mailing lists with around 40,000 email recipients. In addition, we use several professional networks, and groups.


The basic service is free: it includes access of full size technical papers, full texts of short technical papers and advertisements from companies and other organizations. This information is available free of charge on the website and is emailed in a reduced form.

The advanced services that are available in the members’ area of the Journal will be introduced in future.

We want to provide as much as possible free of charge. Later paid services may be introduced.

Publishing a paper will be charged by Article Processing Charges (APCs). All papers (full size and short papers) will be refereed. Journal will have ISSN number, and papers are indexed in the main databases. Copyright remains with the author.

Advertising: only commercial advertising will be charged. Advertising of upcoming events, seminars, conferences, webinars, etc are free. There are several options for advertising, starting from logo and link to a short text for promoting your company and/or products.