Fees & Charges for Publishing and Advertising

ADN publishes two type of information and papers.

  • Open Access Publishing Fees: Publishing academic and industrial research and technical papers, scholarly papers, tutorials, short papers, overviews, etc.
  • Advertising: Publishing info about company and its products, news, etc.

Open Access Fees and Charges

ADN uses mixed Open Access (OA) publishing, where authors pay open access fee: Article Processing Charges (APCs) and customers pay small membership fee, for full access of services (will be applied later). In addition, we expect to cover the publishing cost by advertising offers for companies (see "Advertising" below).

  • Submission of full size papers for publications is charged by $1,000 for up to 10 pages in IEEE double-column transaction format (see also "Open Access Publishing" below). This is the standard fee for standard size of paper. Note that there are several discounts available, particularly for emerging economy countries.
  • Submission of short papers up to 5 pages is charged by $500.
  • However, authors can buy additional pages, which will be extra charged.
  • Authors submitting more than one paper during one-year period, will receive discount.
  • For discounts, visit News & Newsletter

alert Open Access Publishing

Open Access publishing gets more and more popularity. Even well established top ranked publishers offer in different ways Open Access publishing. IEEE has several OA journals and will launch OA mega journal in 2013. A question with OA journals is the amount of fee and the quality of accepted papers.

  • FEES. The IEEE is charging authors by $1,750 for OA publishing in TVLSI, TPDS, etc. One recent study, which included 1,370 journals that published 100,697 articles in 2010, shows that the average charge per article was $906, and the charge ranged between $8 and $3,900. The lowest prices charged by journals published in developing countries and the highest by journals with high impact factors from major international publishers.
  • QUALITY. While some OA journals and articles are reported to be unexpectedly low-level and nobody will ever read these papers, the question in fact is the review process. If the quality of the review process for OA articles and traditional articles uses the same high standard of peer review, then the best possible papers are being published. IEEE uses this approach and ADN will follow the same.


There are three main options for advertising.

  • Company or Event Logo plus link to Company or Event web-site
  • Company or Event Banner (with link to website), it can be an animated GIF, but animation not required
  • Company Logo or Banner (with link to website) plus Company or Event Info (half page + one image)

Advertising are sold for one month, three months and for whole year.

Only commercial advertising will be charged. Advertising of upcoming events, seminars, conferences, webinars, etc are free.

alert All contributions to the ADN journal in a form of text (i.e. not merely Logos), including advertisings and short papers, are displayed on a separate webpage with its own URL and are supported by LinkedIn button. This offers authors and visitors the possibility to post the contribution to LinkedIn groups and to forward to other individuals. In this way, authors and their contributions will be benefited with higher visibility.

Company Logo

Company or Event Logo is displayed on the left bar of ERSA conference and ADN journal webpage, and on the left bar of Developers’ Newsletter.

The Logo is a PNG (preferred), JPG, or GIF file, no more than 40K with the size 180px × 100px, or the size of logo will be scaled down to fit the box. We do not accept files more than 40K.

The Logo can link to the company or event website, but not required.

The cost of Logos: fee for one month is $500, for three months $1,200, and for one year $2,500. The Logo is also displayed on ERSA website during the same time-slot.

One year Logo cost is equal to Bronze sponsorship level for ERSA conference. If you are a Bronze level sponsor for ERSA, your Logo is also displayed on ADN journal website and on Developers’ Newsletter.


Banners are displayed at the bottom or middle area (in some cases at the top) of the ADN journal webpage and Developers’ Newsletter.

Banner can link to company or event website, whitepapers, job listings, video links, Press Releases, articles, etc.

Each banner is a GIF file, no more than 100K, with the size 600px × 100px. It can be an animated GIF, but animation not required. You may not use Flash. If it is animated, it must only loop 3 times and stop all animation after 20 seconds.

Usually, the banner is a horizontal graphical block, in some cases we accept vertical banners with size 180px × 600px. It is used on the left bar of webpage or newsletter for advertising upcoming events. To use it, you have to contact with Chair.

Banner cost for one month is $600, for three months is $1,500, and for one year is $3,500.

Company Info

Company Logo or Banner plus product information, short company or event introduction (half page + one image), published on ADN journal website, and in a reduced form on Developers’ Newsletter.

Cost for one month is $800, for three months is $1,800, and for one year is $5,000.

Negotiations are available

If you require a larger or a specific advertising space, we are open for negotiations. We can consider your specific needs. Contact with chair.

alert Compare the costs

Advertising on DeepChip has the following costs:
Banner ads are sold as a whole month "slot" at $5,000 per month.
Or banners ads are sold in a half month "slot" for $3,000 per 1/2 a month.

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