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Dear Colleague,

The information age continues to surprise and challenge us all in the fast pace of evolving technology. Whether it is in health information, mobile devices, sensor grids, business analytics, cyber-security, telecommunications, embedded systems, or high-performance computing in scientific research and finance - the new applications of computing technology continue to amaze with their possibilities. Developing complex, commercial applications is a main trend in all areas of computing. It requires multidisciplinary research and new visionary approaches. Heterogeneous, reconfigurable computing systems are a prospective approach for developing complex applications.

Currently there is no industrial or developers’ conference or journal focused on commercial application development for heterogeneous, reconfigurable, and embedded computing systems. As opportunities for heterogeneous, reconfigurable technologies continues to evolve, whether they be advances in FPGA technology, opportunities for low-power hybrid mobile computing, or ultra-efficient exascale computing, the need is now, more than ever, for a conference and journal that deliver both leading-edge thinking and practical applications.

We are reaching out to seek your contribution, support and sponsorship for the Engineering Reconfigurable Systems and Algorithms (ERSA) conference, and for the journal of Application Developer News (ADN), to fill this gap.

The ERSA conference was established in 2001. It is held annually in July, Las Vegas, as part of the international WorldComp conferences. Previously, ERSA has been an academically oriented conference, now, the ERSA conference is at a turning point.

  • Since 2012, ERSA brings a new emphasis on the commercial and industrial challenges in preparing commercial applications for systems using reconfigurable, heterogeneous technology.
  • Another initiative is the newly formed journal “Application Developers News” for industrial and academic researchers, commercial entrepreneurs, and developers. It publishes strong technical papers.

With the journal of “Application Developer News”, the ERSA conference will turn into a year-around event. Las Vegas is just the place where researchers and entrepreneurs can meet and talk face-to-face.

The longer-term aim is to establish the Industrial Session “International Gathering for Application Developers” with more than a thousand attendees and tens of companies.

ERSA and ADN provide a forum between academic researchers and commercial entrepreneurs from developed countries and emerging economic markets. ERSA & ADN bring together the range of stakeholders key to successful research, development and commercialization of heterogeneous, reconfigurable technologies. ERSA & ADN are developing a broad and sustained international base to support the translation of reconfigurable innovation into commercial return on investment. Supporters and sponsors of ERSA & ADN will see benefits through:

Added visibility of products and advances — Sponsors have the opportunity to speak directly with those most interested in using their technologies. Through advance publicity, visibility of the company is raised significantly in the reconfigurable, heterogeneous (CPU plus FPGA), embedded, high-performance systems market on a global scale.

Lead positions in shaping the future — At higher levels of commitment, sponsors have the opportunity to secure key positions to help guide the future of the ERSA & ADN. Your commitment also helps to confirm heterogeneous, reconfigurable computing as a technology for the future.

Enhanced competitive positioning — As part of WorldComp and the attraction of several thousand scientific and commercial leaders from across the globe, sponsorship in ERSA provides a significant edge in positioning an organization for business in emerging markets.

We are asking for your support through participation and sponsorship of ERSA & ADN in any of several levels summarized at the end of Sponsorship Levels section of this website. Your sponsorship of ERSA & ADN is appreciated and is key to the continued growth of the reconfigurable, heterogeneous computing industry as the value of highly-efficient computing continues to create new opportunities.

With kindest regards,
Toomas Plaks,
Founder, ERSA & ADN Chair

Parlament, London

London, United Kingdom

ADN Editor in Chief
Dr Toomas P Plaks

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