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December 18, 2014

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Journal of Application Developer News

The Journal for Developers of Heterogeneous Computing System

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Open Access Journal for industrial and academic researchers

Rapid-decision, peer-reviewed publishing of commercial and academic research, technical, short, overview and other type of papers


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“ The Application Developer News - ADN” is a new Open Access Journal for industrial and academic researchers, commercial entrepreneurs, and developers. The journal is focusing on challenges in development of emerging applications in all areas of computing technologies. The scope covers software and hardware; runs from complex, heterogeneous, reconfigurable, high-performance computing systems to networks, security, big data, Internet of Things, wearables and more.

Besides technical papers, ADN publishes whitepapers, product information and advertisements from companies.

New Journal: Currently, there are many newspapers and blogging sites publishing short notes and technological news. Also, there are many academic journals, but there are no developers’ journals focused on commercial application development, challenges, tools and available technologies. The new journal, “Application Developer News” aims to fill this gap.

Distributing: The ADN Journal and his Newsletter distributed over several mailing lists with around 40,000 email recipients. In addition, we use several professional networks and groups. Best papers are visited and downloaded hundreds and thousands times per month, and so months after months. This means that there is a great interest in strong technical papers.

Contributing: We are reaching out to seek your contributions, submitting papers, advertisements and companies’ info, and as well, your sponsorship for the journal of “Application Developer News”. Sponsors will get the Steering Group Membership and lead positions in shaping the future of the journal.

Call for Papers and Special Issues:

Journal of Application Developer News invites students, researchers, academic and industrial professionals to submit:

  • Manuscripts of academic and industrial research and technical papers, short papers, overviews, advertisements, whitepapers, product descriptions, ...
  • Proposals for organizing special issues of ADN. These may be special issues devoted for some particular application area, design methods, or discussions, and overviews of your work and, academic and industrial projects, including University Programs.


  • Christmas Discount of 30% - 50% for companies for advertising products, publishing whitepapers and displaying logos
    Offer ends on Jan 15, 2015
  • There are various discounts available for Sponsorship
  • There are more discounts for Emerging Economy Countries
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Each special Issue has up to three guest co-editors.

  • Interested parties should submit half page introduction, names, affiliations and short bios (half page) of co-editors
  • Co-editors are called to submit an Invited Paper, in addition, they may call authors to submit invited papers, up to 30% from the total number of accepted papers
  • Publishing Invited Papers is Free
  • For further details, contact the Editor-in-Chief

Publishing research and technical papers takes around three, four weeks. This includes reviewing, making decision and submitting final version. This is on a best case. If the paper requires revision, you should add additional weeks for review and providing the final version. It may take seversal months.

Call for Companies:

Journal of Application Developer News invites companies for advertising their products. We have several discounts available, more than 30%.

  • Company Logo and Short info (around one page + one image) and link to company's webpage
  • Company Banner and Short info (around one page + two images)
  • Company Logo/banner and info about company products, including whitepapers, job listings, video links, Press Releases, articles, etc.
  • Different options are available.

Publishing advertisements and companies's papers (papers, which do not require review) takes around one week.

Call for Sponsorship:

We are reaching out to seek your sponsorship for the journal of Application Developer News.

  • Sponsor ERSA-ADN and raise your visibility and show your support for advancing application developers in both academic and commercial applications!
  • Your sponsorship is not only appreciated, but is key to the continued growth of the emerging applications in computing industry sector as the true value of highly-efficient applications continues to enlighten new opportunities.
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Sponsors will get the Steering Group Membership and lead positions in shaping the future of the journal.


  • “Developer Newsletter” is an update of news for Developers of Heterogeneous Computing Systems. It is aimed for rapid publication of short technical papers and advertisements.
  • All advertisements are published immediately on journal website and in the next issue of the newsletter. Publishing technical papers may take up to two, three weeks. (Visit Fees & Advertising section on ERSA Web-site .)
  • “Developer Newsletter” is distributed freely by email and is available on Application Developer News website.

Previously Published:

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Developing complex, commercial applications:

Developing complex, commercial applications is a main trend in all areas of computing technologies. Now, the developing of complex applications often migrates from purely software systems to software/hardware codesigned systems, into heterogeneous system, consisting of traditional processors, multi-core processors and reconfigurable fabric. This migration facilitates development of high-performance applications, often in a size of mobile devices. As a result, this new opportunity in computing system design technology makes it possible to develop new applications that amaze with their possibilities and that have not been possible in the past.

At the same time, the architecture of the system in many areas is redefined as "Software Defined". This facilitates more flexibility and higher abstraction in system behaviour.

The next big challenges are Internet of Things (IoT) and Wearables. The Internet of Things and Wearables change our life. The number and range of connected devices is steadily increasing. The technologies conceived in the mobile industry are driving a convergence of several other industries — from machine-to-machine (M2M) to automotive and government. As the Internet of Things continues to grow, it is changing the nature of the devices that are attached and the design methods we use.

Developing complex systems requires multidisciplinary research and new visionary approaches.

Topics of interests include but are not limited to:

  • Design Methods
    • Heterogeneous Systems Architecture: Multicore, CPU, DSP, FPGA, …
    • High Level Design Tools for Heterogeneous Systems: OpenCL, Cuda, ImpulseC, Space Codesign, SystemC, ...
    • Design Systems, Tools and Models for Complex Applications, in Cloud Computing, Networking, Security, Internet of Things and in other Application Areas
    • Embedded Systems: Models of Embedded Reconfigurable and Heterogeneous Systems, Adaptable and Distributed Embedded Systems, High-Performance Embedded Systems
    • And more
  • Application areas
    • Mobile Computing, Networking, Internet Security and Cryptography
    • Cloud Computing, Software defined Networks, Future Heterogeneous Networks, Internet of Things, Wearables
    • Communication Systems in Government, Military, Space and Consumer Applications
    • Hardware Accelerators and Software Support for Big Data, Data Analytics, Monte Carlo Methods
    • Applications and High-Performance Computing in Finance and Banking Sector
    • Defence, Military and Space Applications
    • High-Performance Systems in Oil and Gas Industry
    • High-Performance Heterogeneous Systems in Scientific Research
    • Digital Media and Digital Signal Processing, Automotive Industry and Autotainment
    • High-Performance systems in Bio-sciences, Medical systems and Bio-Inspired Architectures
    • High-Performance Systems and Ultra-efficient Exascale Computing
    • High-Performance and Low-power Systems
    • And more

ADN Editor-in-Chief
Dr. Toomas P Plaks, London, UK

Contact the Editor-in-Chief,
Toomas P Plaks

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