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Paul Morrison
Flow-Based Programming
J. Paul Morrison,
J.P. Morrison Enterprises Ltd., Unionville, Ontario, Canada


In this paper, we give a short description of an application development technology called Flow-Based Programming (FBP), briefly describing its basic concepts, history, and some of our experience with it. An early implementation of FBP has been in continuous production use for almost 40 years, but it is attracting attention world-wide as it is a significant and important paradigm in building and maintaining computer applications.


Paul was born John Paul Rodker, the son of John Rodker, writer, translator, and publisher, and the artist, Barbara Stanger McKenzie-Smith, in London, England. His name was changed to Morrison when his mother remarried. He was educated at the Dragon School, Oxford, and then went to Eton College, specializing in Classics. From there he went to King's College, Cambridge, where he took Anthropology and Archaeology, specializing in Social Anthropology. On leaving Cambridge, he jumped to the burgeoning field of computers, and has now been programming various computers for over 50 years - this must surely be some kind of record! 33 years of these were spent working for IBM in 3 different countries - since then he has either worked as a contractor, or worked on various personal programming projects (Java and C#). During his long career, he has designed and built business applications, compilers, databases, regression test tools, diagramming tools, and middleware, and has worked on natural language support.

Specialties: Inventor/discoverer of Flow-Based Programming - published book of that name in 1994, and recently (2010) the long-awaited second edition - available from Amazon, CreateSpace and Lulu. Still developing tools and implementations in this area. Many years experience on IBM mainframes, specializing in language and database design, IBM mainframe Assembler Language (HLASM) (he wrote the structured programming macros for 2 major Canadian banks) and PL/I development and program tuning.

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London, United Kingdom

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