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ERSA Scope & Topics

ERSA Scope

ERSA conference solicits papers from all aspects of heterogeneous reconfigurable computing. The scope of ERSA covers broad area, from simple applications on programmable logic to complex, intelligent, high-performance, embedded systems implemented as multicore systems and heterogeneous parallel processing systems. All these complex systems involve reconfigurability on software and/or hardware level.

The range of topics covers theory, architecture, algorithms, design systems, and applications that demonstrate the benefits of heterogeneous reconfigurable computing:

  • Theory - Synthesis, Mapping, Parallelization, Partitioning...
  • Software - CAD Systems and Languages, Compilers, Operating Systems...
  • Hardware - Adaptive and Dynamic Hardware, Heterogeneous and Reconfigurable Architectures...
  • Applications - HPC, Mobile Computing, Automotive Industry, Space and Military...

ERSA conference explores emerging trends and novel ideas in the area of parallel, reconfigurable, heterogeneous, high-performance computing architecture, design methods and applications. ERSA is promoting multidisciplinary research and new visionary approaches including bio-inspired architectures, computational biology, physics etc.

ERSA conference brings together leading scientists and researchers from academia and industry. Since 2012, ERSA brings a new emphasis on the commercial and industrial challenges in preparing commercial applications for systems using reconfigurable, heterogeneous technology.

Note: ERSA and ADN topics are very similar.
Visit ADN webpage.

ERSA’ (tentative)

Hot topics

  • Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Computing Systems: Architecture and High Level Design Tools
  • Cyber-Security: Hardware Security and Trust in Internet, Financial Services, Telecommunications Networks, Power Grids, Military Systems, ...

The list of topics includes but is not limited to:

  • Design Methods
    • Heterogeneous Systems Architecture: Multicore, CPU plus FPGA,...
    • High Level Design Tools for Heterogeneous Systems: OpenCL, Cuda, ...
    • Models of Embedded Reconfigurable and Heterogeneous Systems, Adaptable and Distributed Embedded Systems, High-Performance Embedded Systems
    • Heterogeneous Run-time Environments and Resource Management
    • And More
  • Application Areas
    • Defence, Military and Space Applications
    • Mobile and Communication Systems
    • Internet Security and Cryptography
    • Big Data, Finance and Banking
    • Scientific Research, Oil and Gas Industry, Automotive Industry
    • Digital Media, Autotainment and Digital Signal Processing
    • Bio-sciences, Medical Systems and Bio-Inspired Architectures
    • High-Performance Systems and Ultra-efficient Exascale Computing
    • High-Performance and Low-power Systems
    • Monte Carlo Methods in Technical and Financial Systems
    • And More

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Dr Toomas P Plaks

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