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ERSA Aims, Mission and Benefits


  • ERSA — The international conference on Engineering of Reconfigurable Systems and Algorithms is an annual conference in Las Vegas. The ERSA conference is being held jointly (same location and dates) with federated congress, WORLDCOMP Congress, of more than 20 research conferences, which brings together more than 2,000 attendees from over 85 countries. WORLDCOMP covers all aspects of computer science, engineering, and applications. ERSA, as well WORLDCOMP, is an academic event.
  • ERSA conference has an Industrial Session, which focuses on commercial application development for reconfigurable computing systems, including mobile, heterogeneous and hybrid technology platforms for complex, intelligent embedded systems. ERSA-IS is a new event and will also be a part of WORLDCOMP Congress.
  • ERSA Scope: All aspects of reconfigurable computing, including classical programmable logic, as well as reconfigurable multiprocessing, multi-core systems, reconfigurable high-performance computing, etc.
    ERSA explores emerging trends and novel ideas in the area of parallel, reconfigurable, high-performance computing architecture, design methods and applications. ERSA is promoting multidisciplinary research and new visionary approaches including bio-inspired architectures, computational biology, physics etc.


  • Developing complex, commercial applications is a main trend in all areas of computing technologies. Currently, there is no industrial (or developers) conference(s) focused on commercial application development for reconfigurable, embedded computing systems.
  • The aim of ERSA is to establish a Reconfigurable Computing Developers' Conference that complements current academic conferences (ERSA and WORLDCOMP) to bring together commercial interests in reconfigurable computing in conjunction with an international conference involving participants from emerging market economies where infrastructure for standard powered computing is less developed.
  • Attract developers, tool vendors, commercial companies, and customers to participate ERSA, ERSA and WORLDCOMP.
  • Establish an internet based Journal “ERSA Developers' News”. The aim here is to facilitated communication between developers, vendors, and customers. Currently, there are no such journals available in reconfigurable computing area.


  • The mission of ERSA is to assemble a coordinated research and commercial meeting held in same location and dates. The goal is to provide a forum for exchange of ideas in a number of research areas that interact with ideas, technologies, and aims of different commercial companies. Involving the internet based “ERSA Developers' News” Journal, the forum is lasting around the year.
  • ERSA facilitates communication among academic and industrial researchers from all over the world in different fields of computer science, computer engineering, and applied computing.


  • ERSA-IS provides a forum between academic researchers and commercial entrepreneurs from developed countries and emerging economic markets. WORLDCOMP brings together more than 2,200 attendees from over 85 countries over the world, being, thus, an excellent place for this joint event.
  • ERSA-IS helps to find and establish new commercial and academic contacts from all over the world. It helps small companies looking for
    • collaborators to work with on their efforts
    • potential customers for their items
    • sources of ideas for new features
  • ERSA-IS reduces the cost for creating individual contacts between different parties (from academy and industry, from developed and emerging market countries), which often involves travelling over long distances, form one continent to another.
    This provides a meaningful return on investment (or cost savings) - trading off one or two expensive trips for one trip and sponsorship of ERSA-IS at WORLDCOMP.
  • The “ERSA Developers' News” Journal makes the ERSA-IS event lasting throughout the year and provides more facilities for communication.
  • Las Vegas, the meeting palace for ERSA-IS and WORLDCOMP, has a reputation for bringing technology oriented businesses together to showcase developments annually (e.g. Consumer Electronics Show).
  • Las Vegas has reasonable access from Asia, Europe, South America, and North America

Reconfigurable City

Dr Toomas P Plaks

Chair, ERSA-ADN Publishing
Dr Toomas P Plaks

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