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About Velocytech

Red Herring - Globe Velocytech is one of the market leading IP providers. Customers come to Velocytech to get a full solution including both the TOE TCP Offload Engine, MAC and PCIe. Being a device agnostic company all IP Cores coming from Velocytech run on all mayor platforms such as both Xilinx and Altera boards. Lately the Velocytech IP Cores have been matured for ASIC.

Velocytech has witnessed an increased demand for their IP Cores from customers all needing to improve their data processing and handling in companies ranging from large market leading banks, high frequency trading, medico to defense.

The Velocytech Team is now 30+ top skilled and advanced engineers from 11 nationalities and 4 continents based in the Head Quarter in Copenhagen. Velocytech was chosen as being one of the Red Herring Global Top 100 leading private and most innovative technology companies in the World by the acknowledged Red Herring Award in Los Angeles in November 2012.

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